Friday, October 6, 2017

Oh no, not another hurricane...

It's becoming chillingly familiar:

Yet another natural disaster is targeting the weary and hard-hit people on the southern and southeastern coasts.

I get email updates from Lisa Bedford (the Survival Mom), and this morning I received this: A Round-Up of Hurricane Survival Resources.

And it occurred to me, not for the first time, the dedication and effort of this woman to help people prepare themselves for life's cataclysmic uncertainties.

If you're in the possible path of Hurricane Nate, please please take advantage of Lisa's recommendations.


  1. We still have people living in shelters from the last one...but the Media has moved on long ago.. Be prepared for more than three days...many many days and weeks. No one can warn you how bad a shelter experience can be..don't live it, figure another plan.

  2. I live right in the path of this one, on the Gulf Coast (about an hour inland). Our community is already prepping up for a possible Cat 1 or heavy tropical storm. I ain't got much to do, as I am already prepped up as I can be. So grateful, for that. Prayers for fun having roofs rip off and/trees come crashing down. In these parts, hurricanes spawn random tornadoes, and that is very scary too....thanks for prayers y'all.

  3. Lisa’s information is a blessing to those new to hurricane territory. All others who have experienced a major hurricane are either living in a state of preparedness or not. They made their choices.

    This old coot has experiencing a dozen major hurricanes. Here are my conclusions. Hurricanes basically boil down to 3 things: Wind, Rain and Waves. With due diligence in choosing property location and construction, wind rain and flood will not force evacuation. Waves are bad. Very bad. If you are wealthy and can afford to live on the beach, arrange a safe and dependable bug-out option, return home and rebuild it that is fine. Others should AVOID WAVES.

    Lastly, to evacuate risks becoming a refugee. NEVER become a refugee.

    Prep Yes. Fear Not.
    Montana Guy

  4. "You ain't seen nothin yet" climate change deniers.