Sunday, October 8, 2017

Mr. Darcy visits the lake

Knowing the importance of exposing a young pup to as many different experiences as possible while young, Don and I took Mr. Darcy to the lake so he could learn to splash and swim before the water gets too cold.

At first he was very cautious about this enormous expanse of hydrogen hydroxide.

Don tossed a stick right close to the shore, and Darcy was reluctant to get his feet wet to retrieve it.

But that caution didn't last long. Pretty soon his natural retriever instincts kicked in, and he got bolder.

Don tossed the stick in a bit farther each time, and Darcy bravely went after it.

This was repeated until Mr. Darcy was far enough out to actually paddle a bit. He was getting fairly tuckered by this point, so we went out on the dock.

He definitely has an instinct for water, this pup, so we'll be bringing him to the lake as often as possible (weather permitting).

So far Mr. Darcy is shaping up to be wonderful dog -- obedient, eager to please, playful, loyal. He's definitely a people-dog and always wants to be with us. It's so endearing in the evening to have him lie down literally on my feet while I'm reading a book.

For those who have been asking, we'll be looking for a lab pup for Don probably in the spring. Two young puppies in the house at the same time would be a bit much; but once Darcy grows up a bit, having another puppy would be far more manageable. Until then, Darcy flies solo.


  1. Mr. Darcy is getting so big! Beautiful photos... especially the last one. He is too cute!

  2. Mr.Darcy is a cutie. Labs are an easy breed to train,not like my stubborn,belligerent american bulldog! Enjoy puppy hood it goes so fast.

  3. He's really a cute pup. I'm glad you both are enjoying him. He looks like he is going to make a great family member.

  4. Thanks for sharing. The photo of Don and Mr. Darcy on the dock is prize winning. You truly have an eye for photography.
    Montana Guy

  5. Thanks for sharing the fun photos......

  6. My basset hound hasn't been in a lake that I know of (he was three when I got him) but he loves in jump in puddles so he can get wet and dirty before he goes back inside!

  7. Have you heard from YD yet? How is she doing? Keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. All we've received is a generic mimeographed sheet about boot camp rules and graduation travel -- nothing from YD personally. However at least now we have her address and can write her letters. I expect we'll get a personal letter from her some time this week.

      The prayers are much appreciated!

      - Patrice

  8. Thanks for the puppy pics. For me, there can never be too many! That last one on the dock even brought with it the smell of wet dog!

  9. I was wondering how'd you do with two pups. My introduction to goldens was with two puppies from the same litter. Managed to get through it but it was a lot of work.
    They'd break through thin layers of ice on the ponds but then be indignant when getting hosed off at the house.
    Love the photos. SJ in Vancouver BC

  10. Those are great pics of Mr. Darcy. I enjoyed this blog entry, as I always do.

  11. Love the story. We went swimming (me and three of the kids) this summer off the same dock. And my oldest is off to Army boot came real soon.

  12. Patrice
    I don't know about 2 dogs, but back in 1987 I
    got a Brittany Spaniel puppy. 3 weeks later I
    got pregent. Mariah was born in Janurary and
    toby was 1 in Feb. Never ever again thank God.
    Toby was jealous of a new baby. I am not sure
    it that well happen to you.But trust me for about 4 years it was bad

  13. Had to laugh...we have a Mr. Darcy also. Do we like the same literature? Is he also name after Fitzwilliam?