Saturday, September 5, 2015

Want to advertise with us?

Howdy all:

Husband-of-the-boss here. Recently, Patrice and I have been talking about advertising on the blog. As many of you "old timers" here at probably remember, we used to run advertising along the right margin for products and services we thought might be of interest to Patrice's readers (mainly because they were of interest to us). We had a lot of big-name internet businesses, the kind you see on most of the other prepper/self-sufficiency sites. But we finally closed that down because it was a bit too commercial for us.

However we’re reconsidering ads, but only of a certain kind: we’d like to showcase home businesses with products that might appeal to our rural- or preparedness-oriented readers. No more big mega-companies (with the exception of Tattler reusable canning lids) – instead, if you have a home product or service to sell, this might be your chance.

Patrice has a pretty good readership. She gets about a million unique visits a year. And there's no doubt about the target market: It’s people who enjoy independence, preparedness, self-sufficiency, homesteading, rural living, etc.

So we're going to offer ten advertising blocks on the right side of the blog. Each will be 160 x 160 pixels (if you need me to, I can create an ad for your approval as part of the cost), and we'll put in the necessary script to make the ads change position frequently. Ads will be $50/month with a two-month minimum. If an advertiser has a special or a new product, we can post an announcement on the blog (within reason; if you have a “new product” every day, we’ll probably have to talk).

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, let us know. You can email me at Please remember, these ad spots will be for small businesses, small authors, homesteaders, preppers, etc., and the products and services being offered must be related to self-sufficiency, preparedness, or simple living.


  1. Cool. I'm looking forward to seeing some ads for small businesses to support!

  2. I can remember when you had the adds and never had a problem with them. It does seem a shame that Patrice has such a big readership and you guys are not benefitting from that. I know that it is more of a labor of love for her but it is another way to get some money from all of that hard work. While I can sympathise with your only wanting to do small adds I would feel bad if you were doing it as a way to make us (the readers) not to be put upon. A lot of other sites have a TON of adds and I do not want you to go there but a limited number of products that you feel good about would not bother me in any way no matter the size of the company. I probably account for about 1000 of your hits each month.

  3. YAY! Count us in!
    The Naturally Cozy crew

  4. I emailed you twice about this but haven't heard back :-(