Monday, September 28, 2015

Blood moon eclipse

I hope everyone had a chance to witness last night's spectacular blood moon eclipse.

We were at our neighbor's for our weekly potluck, which was probably a good thing since the moonrise was not obstructed by trees as it would have been at our house.

As the moon rose, it was already half eclipsed.

As the moon rose higher and the sky grew darker, it got harder for me to get unblurred photos. Our neighbor, who was also photographing the event, kindly loaned me a tripod, which helped immensely (though I still got a lot of blurry shots, which obviously I won't post).

By the time it was fully eclipsed, it was dark enough to see the "blood" coloration. Spectacular.

This is how it looked with the regular camera setting:

This is the same photo with the computer's "auto adjust colors" setting, just for fun:

Gradually the earth's shadow passed over, and the moon's brightness started becoming visible again.

What an absolutely beautiful thing to witness.

I'm grateful our skies were clear to see it from start to finish.


  1. Absolutely amazing, wasn't it? It's easy to see how upsetting such an event could have been to people living long ago.

    We had a perfectly clear evening and got a spectacular view of the event, although it was already in eclipse when it cleared the canyon ridge line.

    Such a sight!!

    A. McSp

  2. I set up my lawn chair and mosquito repellant ( they have returned around mid September and my binoculars to watch the whole event( also an adult beverage). Totally amazing and a bit surreal. Our skies were also crystal clear. even at my age it was a thrill, having never seen one before.

    Carl in the UP

  3. We saw it from the beginning! It was amazing and I am so happy my children got to see such a amazing event.

    Ouida Gabriel

  4. Excellent pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  5. We set up chairs in the back yard and watched a full, unobstructed view for a couple hours. Not a cloud in the sky.

    I agree with the commenter about how they can see why the ancients were so fearful of eclipses. It sure is some mammoth power on display.

    Just Me

  6. Thanks for posting your pics. I am in North Carolina and it has been raining since Thursday and is continuing to rain through this week. Saw nothing; so disappointed but thanks to you, I have pictures.

  7. Beautiful, thanks for sharing these! I wasn't able to see in person.

  8. Alas, we were clouded out. So was MIL in SWFL.

    Thanks for posting your pics. Next best thing, I reckon.

  9. Hi, Patrice! Would you mind if I use one of your moon pictures for my computer desktop? They're beauriful!