Sunday, June 21, 2015

Why Father's Day is really about mothers

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Why Father's Day is Really About Mothers.

Happy Father's Day to all you dads!

UPDATE: Reader Dave posted a beautiful column at this link. Well worth reading.


  1. Good article. Very true. One of the reasons I threw the TV out when my sons were children, was because of the way men were portrayed, and how women treated them. ( I couldn't bear to watch Sonny and Cher' show opening because of the endless sarcastic and mean jokes Cher made about Sonny, and the canned audience laughing away. Made me sick) Now I see the same disrespect in real life,and it's very very sad indeed.

  2. Amen, another great article!! You are right on the money!!

  3. Amen, another great article!! You are right on the money!!

  4. I disagree agree with quite a few things on WND, but this article is right on.

    Many young men have given up entirely on long-term relationships with women. Given the total lack of respect for men in our culture, I can't say I blame them. Of course, it is children who lose out when Dad isn't around. I know. I was raised by a single Mom.

    I agree with many of the goals of feminism. Women shouldn't be dependent and vulnerable. But feminism goes beyond the valid goals of helping women. It's also about bringing down men. I got my first taste of this in junior high in a social engineering session with our lesbian library and her gay sidekick, Mr. H., the vice-principal.

  5. Isn't is amazing that a college female today is taught that admiring glances from a man are 'micro-aggressions' and she needs a 'safe place' to recover - yet - in ancient days the Proverbs 31 woman was competent and strong; the picture of real feminism. It is sad that women are not taught the freedom of a Biblical marriage, society is narrow and restrictive! (and silly)
    Very good article - women need to work on this! I am so glad my boys married good Christian girls with the right attitude!

  6. Our culture has degraded men and boys to the point that many have given up on women. Your previous articles are witness to this fact. This is on top of the degradation of the once proud Boy Scouts of America.

    Both of my sons became Eagle scouts. I, as well as my wife were extremely proud of their achievements. What can I say now? Can I in good conscience recommend the Boy Scouts for my 5 year old grandson? No very bloody likely. Lord Baden Powell would NOT be pleased with the current direction of the BSA.

    Wish it were not so. We are passing the Rubicon in America. Afraid that unless there is a Great Awakening or real Revival in America we are sowing the seeds of our own destruction. These seeds are now well established, growing strong, and only God in His mercy may remove.

    Pray for our men. Pray for our boys. Pray for America.

    1. We truly need revival in this broken land. But that come with forgiveness and asking for it too.
      We have to confess our sins first.
      Then move on

    2. I can agree. And would have given up except for seeing the examples of my mom and sisters.
      So as a single dad now college student. It's hard to find a good woman. Add on I'm in my 30's combat vet. The crazy thing is the women in school that are interested in me are Femanists & Liberals.
      I guess it's just the want to catch and mould to your specs thing.
      Anyway God bless you all and Don't date the crazy ones!