Monday, January 26, 2015

Writers wanted

Joe Wurzelbacher (familiarly known as "Joe the Plumber") has a new website entitled Survival Nation.

Joe is looking for writers for this site. As he puts it: "It is not a doom and gloom or zombie apocalypse site. I currently have four writers, three are retired Air Force survival experts. They generally talk about having the right attitude and a good plan. They are all about developing skills. I'm looking for someone that knows about homesteading/pioneering, real world skills that can help people in their everyday lives."

My schedule won't permit me to take on this task, even though I think the website is wonderful.

So -- any wanna-be writers out there with homesteading and pioneering skills want to give it a try? If so, Joe has a "Contact" box at the bottom of his page, and I urge you to let him know.


  1. I can remember my mother hanging clothes outside with snow on the ground. They froze stiff, but when she brought them in they were dry. I was only about 10 before moving south but can remember playing among stiff sheets and pants - hide and seek!

  2. My mother would hang laundry outside on the line with snow on the ground. We played between stiff frozen sheets and pants. When she brought the clothing inside it was dry!