Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Middle Earth epitaph

A friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) spontaneously came up with this joke which cracked us up:

What is written about people in Middle Earth when they die?

A Hobbituary.


  1. ...oh, how 'troll' :)

  2. An Hobbituary, if you please.
    'An' precedes vowels (and sometimes/usually h, because it's a pseudo-vowel)
    an orange, an apple, an idiot, an obituary

    but strict grammar is all about the exceptions too, and h is full of the exceptions, because it doesn't quite fit.

    ps: love the blog. keep up the good work

    1. Are you from the U.K. because we never use "an" in front of a word starting with a pronounced "h" here in the United States. And you definitely pronounce the "h" in "hobbituary".

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  4. Oh heavens....large groan from WV on that