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Monday, December 8, 2014

Skiing penguins

Yesterday Older Daughter decided to wear a long skirt to church, but since it was cold outside she wanted to wear leggings under her skirt for extra warmth.

Trouble was, she couldn't find her leggings. So, in the absence of time, she settled on pajamas.

Complete with skiing penguins. Hey, whatever works.

Her argument is no one knew she was wearing them except, arguably, God -- so what did it matter?


  1. Hey, I'm all for keeping warm and if someone did know, thank you to Older Daughter for putting a smile on their face and a chuckle or two I'm sure. I know it just made me smile. Thank you very much!

  2. pssssst....I'll bet she's not the only one!! LOL Resourcful gal there, and more power to her!!!

  3. Pretty skirt! :-) I regularly wear fleece-lined ski pants (I don't ski) and exercise pants under long skirts and light-weight pants (with high boots, no one knows).

  4. My civil war skirt is 9 yards of wool. I was going to make flannel pettipants but wool with 2 summer petticoats worked at -35. Love the penguins!!

  5. Been there, done that - even at my office. Anything to keep my legs warm!

  6. I've worn pajamas as long underwear.
    Hey... whatever works.

    - Charlie

  7. Smart daughter. Glad to see you moved to someplace warm from Oregon. I can sympathize. Today, I was down to my last t-shirts, hanging next to my yet to be taken down (light) jacket here in Phoenix.

    Found you courtesy your superb piece in "Backwoods Home Mag," "Turn your passion into a business."

  8. Only a country girl would feel comfortable wearing a burgundy long skirt with a blue plaid country shirt....

  9. Yes, country girls have better fashion sense (and common sense) than most!