Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Book bomb day: Tools for Survival

Today is Book Bomb Day for James Rawles' latest book Tools for Survival. We received an advanced copy and I can attest how useful this volume is.

The layout is clever. Mr. Rawles takes a variety of survivalist subjects (i.e. food preservation, tools and tool making, knives, medical tools, wood tools, firearms, etc.) and examines the various tool options on the market, their merit, and the good and bad about each item.

I consider this a highly useful addition to any prepper's library...

...but as with any such addition, its greatest usefulness comes from acting upon the knowledge contained within.

Happy reading!


  1. the photo of Lydia sleeping in the snow is TOO cute for words - the book looks good, too!

  2. I do just fine without rawles. He is so full of himself I don't know how he gets around with his head swelled up like it is. I would be happy to give away my rawles books. Anyone ever figure out why he has a comma in his name? He also claims to have been in certain division off army intelligence...not. His life is fiction.