Monday, November 25, 2013

Tankards are available!

We currently have a limited selection of our exclusive tankards available for retail sale. See this link for further details.

We'll have a few more up in a couple of days, and some higher-end pieces available in a couple of weeks. Happy browsing!


  1. Business opportunity alert !

    If I visited your booth and you had some miniature barrels (kegs) for sale, I would buy one. Say approximately 5 or 10-gallon size, kind of like a nail keg. Seems like Mr. Rural Revolution could work out a way to make some barrels with copper or brass bands. I'd bet they would be big sellers.

    I'd bet that a mug shaped like a barrel with or without a handle would also sell well.

    I mean, you guys spend most of your time just sitting around idle and looking for things to do, right ?

    Glad I could help. :)

    - Charlie

  2. Just purchased one for my wife for Christmas. Call me crazy, but when Patrice answered the phone it was so talking to a tv star in our world.

  3. Just bought one of these and it was so awesome to hear Patrice answer the our world that's like talking to a tv star!

    Thanks for the tankard, will be a great gift for my wife.