Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Watch those little phishies...

Well well well, it seems I've been having trouble with my Facebook account lately.

Apparently I have deactivated my account.

Oh but wait... I guess I'm almost done with the sign-up process.

And I've signed up for Facebook Mobile, with a convenient button to "get started."

And just in case I "didn't sign up for Facebook," I'm encouraged to "let them know."

I received four separate emails over the last two days giving me updates on my Facebook account. Except, of course, I've never had a Facebook account, I never want a Facebook account, and I have intention of ever having a Facebook account.

Go away, little phishes. Go troll somewhere else.


  1. -use Firefox,
    -use Firefox filter and adblockplus, (FF addons)
    -disable any addons and extensions you don't recognize
    -tell sites you don't want to be tracked and never remember
    cookies (FF security settings)
    -search with
    -browse with freeproxybrowsing
    ( :

    -Old Soldier

  2. Oh .. and use an email client (POP3) instead of web and set it to convert all emails to plain text
    -Old Soldier

  3. The implications of facebook scare me. It is the perfect tool for a repressive government to use. While I admit everyone on the internet is tracked to some extent, sites which require you to give personal information are the perfect backdoor into Everything you do on the internet. For example this anonymous post can be tracked Patrice if she wanted to and it would give her my computer ID and other tracking info. Bad enough but if I had a Facebook account that same information would be tied to my name and other personal information about me. Not to mention a list of my friends and a running diatribe of my personal opinions. It is a control freaks dream. Someday most people will regret being a facebook user.

  4. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

    A. McSp

  5. I got one of those today, although I didn't think anything of it, I just deleted it, thanks for the heads up.

  6. I have gotten one of these messages from facebook twice a week for about two months. Like you, I don't have a facebook account and will never have one. The whole thing gives me the creeps! It feels like I'm be stalked.

  7. For the anonymous poster above that said most people will regret being a facebook user in the future, I have to say I doubt that is true. Many people who use facebook also have instagram accounts, tumblr accounts, snapchat, twitter, and the list goes on and on of all the various social media accounts. And most people really seem to have no problems pictures on instagram for the whole world to see, including pictures of their children, family events, etc. And many opt to use the hashtags to label each picture too, so people searching that hashtag will be able to find their pictures. Most high schoolers today use many of those social media sites and have no problem posting all their personal info on there, and many adults are getting to be that way too. So really it appears that for the next generation, most of them don't care who sees information and pictures of their personal lives. I personally do have a facebook account, but other than my actual name on there, so relatives can find me if they want, I don't have any other info on there. My friends list is rather short, just about 20 people on it, most of them are relatives or very close friends of mine, all of which live hundreds of miles away, so I do enjoy being able to keep in touch with them and I only post very few people pictures on there, just a few every once in a while so relatives can see.

    I do however hate all the spam emails I get. Although most of mine are for viagra and other related male enhancement products, which always entertains me because I'm female. And I agree with a previous poster, I use firefox too and its settings seem to be higher than other browsers.

    1. I accept your point that most people who do this simply don't care or out of ignorance don't worry it will be a problem. But the conclusion is where I disagree. It is like that old joke about the man who jumped off the Empire State Building and who while passing the 10th floor was heard to say "so far so good". The final chapter hasn't been written yet on what we exposed to the world on the internet. Have you ever voiced an opinion that you might not want to have to face public outrage over? Something as simple as being opposed to gays for example. Once it's on the web it is forever. Someday you may face sanctions and lose a job because you were "homophobic". How could that happen, you ask? Because your computer has a unique ID that is part of everything you send on the internet. Your facebook has that ID available AND everything you have said about yourself and others to include a picture of you. So everything you ever commented anywhere even under an "anonymous" pseudo-name is connected to you. But you say you have never written anything you don't believe in or that is untrue. And perhaps by today's standards you are right. But suppose next year they decide that no one who supervises can have written an anti-gay point of view (it's coming, make no mistake). So if you lose your job for a simple statement you posted somewhere will you then feel it's no problem? I'm just suggesting that most people haven't thought through the implications of privacy on the internet. If nothing else it can be used to embarrass you. Just saying.

  8. Wow! I thought I was the only one left who didn't have a
    Facebook account! You mean you don't want to put the intimate details of your life out there for all the world to see? Crazy the things people post!

  9. As of late I've received about twice a day spam emails urging me to join "Ashley Madison", a website that helps married people to have affairs. As if that would ever happen.

  10. I too am a female who used to get e-mails for adding inches to my 'size'. I sent them back an email asking them to send me my free sample asap as I had always wanted to be 5'9", I never got another one! I also am pretty careful with who I am friends with on facebook and it is just for family - started it with my son in the service - best way to keep in touch with them. The government knows where I am - I do pay my taxes both property and others, the post office knows I am here, I try to be careful about the others, keep up my guard but resigned about the illusion of privacy.

  11. The Nazis used the census to identify many of their victims. People today put far more information on social media sites than they and Stalin could ever of dreamed of obtaining.........

  12. LOL. Obamacare provides for all the necessary precautions should you choose to register. Must be a government website.

  13. Facebook keeps sending me notes that I've got 12 Friends waiting. All my family and friends know I don't go on Facebook, Twitter, or any other such site. Isn't the Delete button wonderful :)!

  14. Thank facebook, twitter, instagram or anything like it for me. I agree we get quite enough of our information out there without trying. I just don't feel the need to have everyone know about my life. As to the new "cool" taking photos of yourself wherever you are that cool? People used to appreciate their privacy and value their self reliance.
    Thank you for the information and I am so enjoying your blog and Frank and Fern as well.