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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Full of pride

In response to my tongue-in-cheek WND column If I Were King, I received an email from someone named David as follows:

I normally think you are one of the most honest and keen observers on WND.

It is now clear to me that you are in love with yourself, and full of the greatest sin: pride.

David, do you honestly think I long to be king? Have I ever exhibited kingly aspirations before?

Sheesh, man, lighten up.


  1. David is either a troll or incredibly ignorant.
    I thought it fell short in not addressing the repeal of the 17th Amendment, though.
    JW M

  2. I chuckled about this. King? About as much as George Washington wanted to. Although I think you'd be a good one for what you want to accomplish.
    I do agree with JW M in repealing the 17th.
    We need more state control over Senators. Ours are entrenched in the popular vote from east side of our state. Progressives.

  3. Patrice, I wrote a monthly article for a magazine for a few years. I know how thick skinned you have to be to put ANYTHING out there!! I pray (literally) that you will continue to bless us all with your good work. It does take courage, and thick skin. But I see only kindness and common sense coming from you and your family. Chin to the wind! You have praying supporters!!

  4. I believe that David is a liberal-progressive. Typically, they hear but do not understand...

  5. I believe that David is a liberal-progressive. Typically, they hear but do not understand...

  6. It is quite amazing how tongue in cheek subtle humor is lost to some people. Everyone is far too serious about the wrong things.
    My husband and I really enjoy your blog and your insights and opinions.

  7. Geesh, it must be pretty dark up there 'David the Troll'--and so long as you have your head up there as tight as you do promoting your personal brand of PC-speak or else--perhaps you should review this video to find out where half your thought process really originated from:

    God Bless Patrice

  8. From the Husband of the Boss,

    To the Davids of the world (as well as to the kind gentleman who posted yesterday about setting term limits for Patrice's reign.) I've been a loyal subject of her Majesty for over 20 years. I just want to assure you all that you couldn't get Patrice to take the job of Queen of the USA (or for that matter Queen of north west central Idaho) for all the tea in China (and she does like her tea.). And IF YOU COULD convince her to accept the job by appealing to her as the last possible solution before complete destruction of the Nation, let me tell you that the Royal Palace would be a two story metal-roofed rectangle with a tire garden, a small herd of fence-jumping cows, some disreputable chickens, and a Royal Consort who spends far too much time with his head in the clouds rather than outside stacking firewood. That being said, it's off to work.

    1. You don't have to explain things to us folks who have an open mind and a good sense of humor, Don. Anyone who doesn't "get it" - like David - never will. Their minds have been fried by the our liberal-progressives leaders, teachers and college profs.

  9. Well!!

    David's response is either an unsuccessful attempt at sarcasm (sarcasm when used on the web needs to be identified somehow by the writer as such, because without the audible inflection of a voice or an eye-roll to use as cues, it just doesn't come across),


    He's taking life just a little too seriously!

    If it WAS sarcasm, it might even be a little funny. Sarcasm is an unwieldy tool, used well by few.

    Just Me

  10. Are we keeping the first amendment?

    1. Of course. It's in the Bill of Rights, isn't it?

      - Patrice

  11. If you were running for Queen.... I would vote for you. You are brilliant... hang in there, we need you.

  12. Miss a day miss a lot.
    In all the time I have read your blog and articles on WND, you are far from being a "King". Just a hard working honest women who gives more than she receives, and does not complain. You love the life you have chosen, it is evident in your writings and sharing of love from family, friends and critters.
    Whom ever this person is.....well may I make a suggestion before you criticize someone for their writings. Get to know them from their articles before you bite. Shame on you, you are suppose to be an adult, now become one.

  13. I'd vote for you in a heartbeat Patrice! @HusbandoftheBoss LOL at your reply! David is obviously a troll, and doesn't understand wit when it smacks him in the face! I loved the blog!

  14. This David sounds like one of those miserable, pinch faced busybodies who aren't satisfied unless criticizing those who beat a different drum. You keep beating yours. You were much kinder in your reply than I would have been.


  15. Hey, I read in the CDA Mess today that Chris Christie is going to be doing a fundraiser in CDA on Dec 6 for Butch Otter for re-election. Add this to his support of Common Core and Obamacare and now I know that Otter has lost his mind. We met Russ Fulcher last week as he was traveling thru the state meeting the people and seeing if he will run. Seems to be a good, conservative choice based on his record in the Idaho Senate. He certainly has opposed Obamacare and Common Core and is pro second amendment.

  16. See?? I knew you were just in it for the glamor!!

    You're so busted you big ol' diva you!


    It must have been the fancy manicures that gave it away.

    snrk snrk snrrrrrrrk!


  17. Hope he is happy living under his bridge , with his Obama phone , and his EBT card.

  18. "Queen Patrice" Sounds good to me.

  19. I'm so thankful you put yourself "out there". The messages and lessons I have learned from you have been too numerous to count.

    Ignore the haters. Obviously unhappy.

    Keep it up! I totally love what you write and share.
    I'd vote for you in a heartbeat.....or be part of your kindom!

  20. Patrice, you need to consider adding some type of 'like' button, because there are so many fantastic responses here! I esp like A.McSp snarky response!