Thursday, April 25, 2013


A reader brought to our attention that my website Self Sufficiency Series (dot com), through which I sell my ebooks, had been down. The domain name had expired, but since the expiration notices were going to an email address that is now defunct, we never received them.

Anyway, thanks to the diligent reporting by reader John Y., the domain name has been renewed and the site is available once more.


  1. Yikes! Good catch. Thanks to all involved. That's some go-to information I would not like to see go away.

    Gee...I can't imagine how you could have gotten distracted or preoccupied or anything... lol.


  2. Great! I just bought your pressure canner title. I am in the market for one, and that booklet is just the ticket to help me get brave enough to buy one and actually use it. :)