Sunday, April 21, 2013

Don's home!

I just returned from "springing" Don from the hospital. He's tired but thrilled to be home, and actually feeling quite good.

His creatinine levels in the blood, which measure kidney function, have declined from 11 to 0.75, well within the safe range. His blood pressure has dropped dramatically, and his kidneys are functioning normally. He's on medication to shrink his prostate, and he still has a catheter in, but otherwise feels fine enough to start working in the shop again (though he promises to take it easy today).

Hard physical work is out for awhile, of course. He has a small catheter bag strapped to his leg for day use and a larger free bag for night use, and the nurse showed me how to transfer from one to the other. We'll make an appointment with the urologist next week to have the catheter removed, and see how he does from there.

We have neighbors coming over this afternoon to cut some firewood for us since we're very low on wood. Splitting isn't a problem -- the girls and I do that -- but chainsaw work is Don's territory, so the neighbors will cut some log rounds for us. We're grateful to have such wonderful and helpful neighbors.

And we're blessed beyond measure by all your lovely prayers and well-wishes during Don's unexpected hospitalization. Thank God for modern medicine. I have my darling husband home once more, nearly as hale and healthy as he was before this whole issue blew up.


  1. HOT-DANG! THAT'S the headline I've been waiting for. Welcome home, Husband of the Boss!

    Just Me

  2. I'm delighted to hear such good news! Please tell Don that I wish him well and a complete and speedy recovery to full health. Thanks for keeping us informed, Patrice. :-)

  3. Oh my gosh, Thank God! I've been thinking and praying for you all off and on through the day. What a relief to just have him home.
    What great neighbors...because THEY have wonderful neighbors and know you would be there for them. Hugs to you all!! Happy dance goin on here!

  4. So glad he is home and on the mend. Through your blog I see shining examples of how neighbors should care for each other. Please tell them that their example of caring for their neighbor is a blessing to read about.

  5. Thanks for the update Patrice. I've sent up many prayers for his quick recovery and even my hubby, who hears about you all, has wondered how he was. It's fabulous news and we will specifically pray for his continued healing and strength. God is good. Jenny

  6. Patrice I was checking in on your gardening project when low and behold find you husband came down ill. Thank goodness for today's medical procedures and hospitals. It is wonderful to hear he is home and on the mend, prayers for Don and your family. Like all things Don and your family come first, I do not mind waiting until he is hail and hearty to find out how your garden is going.

  7. Don, welcome home Bud. I know what it's like to be sprung from the hospital. I know you're raring to go back to your routine, but it may be time to pace yourself a little. This whole mess might be your body saying it's time to slow down some. At any rate I hope all will work out for the best.


  8. Patrice I was checking in on your gardening project when I read your husband came down ill.

    Glad to hear Don is home and mending, our prayers to your family, and a quick recovery to your husband.

  9. Patrica and Don,
    Hoping that the husband of the boss continues to heal and that all goes well. We are keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.


  10. glad all is well and recovering at home...those catheters and bags can get to be like carrying a ball and chain, so i know he will be happy to get them removed soon. will continue praying for a quick and really good recovery.

  11. YAY!!! Very happy for you and Don. Best wishes for a quick and smooth recovery.

  12. Glad Don is finally home! It's so scary when our men get sick. Sounds like you have wonderful neighbors who pitch in when there is a need. Will keep saying prayers for a speedy recovery!

    Phyllis (N/W Jersey)

  13. Whew!

    May I suggest some cranberry juice and dried cranberries as part of your regular diet? It got me past some similarly very rough and painful territory years ago.

    I guess is goes without saying, that redundant feller better straighten up. I reckon he'll agree. lol

    Prayers up.

    A. McSp

  14. Thank God he's home again and in good shape. Let's pray this health issue is gone for good.

    Jeff in Mississippi

  15. Hi, Patrice & family!
    Glad to hear Don is home and recovering well - that sounded like a close shave!

    I've been your excellent work for a while now (here & WND), but this is my first attempt at commentary. I just caught up on several posts, including the recent gardening ones, and thought I'd pass along a book recommendation from my Bible study group.
    Several of us have made forays into the growing of food, some more tentative than others. One of the more enthusiastic ringleaders of these efforts recently discovered the work of Eliot Coleman ("Four Season Harvest" is the one I've read, although he has written several). Coleman and his household enjoy fresh garden produce year-round, thanks largely to simple sheltering techniques: row covers, cold frames, and a modest homemade plastic greenhouse. None of these are artificially heated. The kicker? He lives in MAINE. I thought his methods might prove useful in northern Idaho, too - don't know if you are using anything like that or if you had already looked into it, but I don't remember seeing it on the blog. I've also heard of "The Twelve-Month Gardener," by Jeff Ashton, but have not read it yet.

    Once again, welcome back Don!
    All my best!
    Sarah in Missouri

    1. Some of his techniques should work in most cold weather climates, but he lives on the coast of Maine (I live in the interior, far north in the 'dip' at the top). The costal regions are much, MUCH warmer due to the air from the ocean. They get much less snow and have more moderate winter temps, so green houses need less work intensive heating and maintain their temps more easily.

      Not knocking his methods, just pointing out that his climate is a bit more mild even though it is Maine :)

      Bri in Maine

  16. Such good news! Now if you can just keep him from doing too much too soon!


  17. This is great news. God bless and have a blessed week. ♥

  18. That was a sudden illlnes, wasn't it? Glad he is better.

  19. "Thank God for modern medicine."

    When I contemplate all of the various permutations of TEOTWAWKI, the one thing that really scares me is the loss of modern medicine. I'll gladly scrounge food, fight off looters, wash clothes in a tub, and read by candlelight. But for all its considerable faults - before we even GET to ObamanableCare - I wouldn't want to do without our system of doctors, testing, medicine!, and the availability of a bright, clean surgical suite. Heaven forbid a return to the days when what we we think of minor illnesses and injuries could easily result in serious debilitation or death.

    Best to Don,

    Jeff - Tucson

  20. Praise the Lord! He answered many prayers.

    I know this is off subject, but what kind of medical insurance do you have? I'm asking because we recently had to drop ours (retirement/small budget) and the thought of being without ins. and having an emergency is always lurking in the back of my mind.


  21. Praise be God Almighty!

  22. Thank the Lord. I am glad your husband is safe. If we ever go through a TEOTWAWKI event, Doctor's will be much more important than politicians. I also would like to know what type of medical insurance you have. Two self-employed people ... that has to be tough.

  23. So glad that it all came out alright. I too wondered about insurance. I used to keep a high deductible on my son just to use the insurance negotiated rates. My wife recently had a knee replaced and the final bill was only 20% of what the normal charge would have been. Obama care has removed the high deductible option so I do not know what to do at this point.

  24. Don! So happy to see you're home! I'm sure you'll take it easy for a while. No lifting or straining. God is good and the Great Physician. Trust Him. Also, I know you are very thankful for those helpful neighbors!
    Plus, with three happy ladies who love you to pieces and care for you,'ve got it made! Enjoy!

    Vera TX

  25. Great news. I just knew your neighbors would pitch in as I am sure you and Don have helped others. I hope he continues to improve and can be free of the catheter soon.

  26. Wow! had no idea. I usually pray for your family, but will now be more specific for Don's speedy recovery. Life is so much better and more productive when our hubby's are in good health.
    It sure is a blessing though, to have the neighbors that you have. God is good and I have been speaking blessings over your finances, your business/farm, and the health of your family. Stay strong and remember that we serve and awesome God!..hugs your way...Alicia

  27. I'm glad to see Don's better. He's been in my prayers and sounds like he's getting great care.

  28. FWIW, two men in our church stopped eating wheat & wheat products in order to lose weight, but are reporting the pleasant side effect of improved prostate performance--better flow & less need to urinate all the time. Don't know if this applies to Don's case, but it might be something for you to look into.

  29. Just got back to work from a wee bout myself this past week and anxiously checked in here for an update concerning Don's ailment. Glad to hear Don's on the mend, you guys take care!