Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random pix

I'm brain dead. That's the only explanation. This time of year we're working long hard hours, trying to get stock ready for the Kansas City Renaissance Festival which starts September 1. As a result, I'm brain dead... and neglecting the blog.

So by way of begging forgiveness, I decided to post a bunch of random pix from the last month or so.

This is what we did all afternoon: coated tankards.

This was what we did a couple days ago: put on handles.

Horsing around at the lake in mid-July with some neighbors.

Pollen on timothy.

Allergies, anyone?

The lake through some trees. Sometimes I forget what a gorgeous place this is.

We made some ice cream and shoved the container into an overstuffed freezer. Whenever we opened the freezer door, the container would shoot out at us. So Older Daughter made a warning sign. It says: "Be careful opening the freezer! The Freezer Dragon is cranky this week and may throw a large bowl of ice cream in your face."

Younger Daughter picking wild raspberries.

Some friends are raising pigs. We've never raised pigs but would like to, so I was interested in their critters.

Garter in the garden.


Barn swallow. Hard to catch these guys sitting down.

Older Daughter picking strawberries.

Atlas and Sparky.

A field of canola at the height of blooming. This photo was taken July 17. It's pretty much gone to seed now.

The marsh by the lake.

Cinnamon meets Thor.

Newborn spiders.

A little mist at dawn (early July).

Lydia wearing a daisy chain.


Chickens in the manure pile.

Glorious view across the canyon.

Distant canola field.

Ocean spray in bloom.

I thought this fence post looked pretty.

Mullen. Very common around here.

Butterfly. Not sure what type.

Our friend Jack brought another load of tires for my tire garden. They proved irresistible to his three-year-old son Lucas.

I later stacked the tires near the garden fence, awaiting a time when I can lay out more beds.

Wild gillardia (blanket flower), one of my favorites.

This moth was on my dish drain rack. Any idea what type?

Typical farmhouse kitchen table: incubator, fresh eggs, peas waiting to be shelled.

Deer behind the barn at dawn.

Kisses from Thor, Matilda's yearling steer.


Younger Daughter had a friend spent the night. They decided to sleep in a tent in the garden.

Snap and one of the hens, roosting.

Full moon setting at dawn.

Crescent moon in the evening sky.


  1. I just LOVE your "mist at dawn" shot Patrice - just beautiful!! My hubby and I got a good laugh at the photo of Cinnamon and Thor. You were certainly at the right place at the right time, second perhaps. Very cute. All the best with getting those tankards made in time.

  2. " Marvelous are thy works - and that my soul knoweth right well ! "
    Taking a bit out of context I'm sure ..... but it sure speaks volumes to me. Great pics ! What a way to start the day !

  3. Patrice,

    The pictures you posted are beautiful. Have you ever thought about creating a picture book?

  4. Oh! I loved "Cinnamon meets Thor" and "Reluctantly". And yes, we do live in a GORGEOUS place! Rich with history too. I just revisited and posted about the Cataldo Mission and was struck again by the beauty of the mission as well as the surrounding land. If you haven't been through the new Sacred Encounters Exhibit, you need to see it. The whole trip left me feeling more connected to the beauty and history of Idaho. Enjoyed your pictures. Thanks for posting.

  5. So relaxing just looking at your photos of all creatures great and small just doing their thing!

  6. Lydia is gorgeous! She looks like a Pyr. Our Pyrenees, Gunner, is 2 & has the same expressive eyes. Dogs are such a joy (we have A LOT of joy...we have 5 "kids" in our dog family). Thanks for a beautiful post!

  7. your photos are a reminder to me that life is good no matter what else is going on in the world.

  8. Actually love the random pics the best!

  9. The butterfly with the black dots looks like a cabbage butterfly. They eat veggies from the Brassicaceae family. The moth looks like a Sabulodes edwardsata. My kids are addicted to this website:

    They are constantly trying to take photos of butterflies and moths to send into that website.

  10. The moth on the drainer looks like a sphinx moth, also known as a hawk moth, which is the adult form of a hornworm caterpillar. The pointed wings and thick, furry body are very characteristic. Here is a link to a website with photos of sphinx/hawk moths.

    All hornworms are destructive. The most common hornworms are the big green ones on tomato plants, but
    there are many varieties and I have found them on my fuschia plants as well. They are beautiful moths, but not anything a farmer wants to see around!

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  12. Every time I look at photos of your farm and the surrounding countryside it hits me just how beautiful it is there and just how desperately I miss you and the family. I love you, my dear friend.

  13. Have you guys thought any more about raising pigs? We are almost ready to butcher or very first pig. I have to admit the turn around time is very fast, which we like. And we do broilers as well. Love your blog!