Sunday, August 12, 2012

Civilized, not feminized

Since we don't have sons, I have no experience raising boys. However I was raised with three brothers (no sisters) so I find boys to be fascinating creatures.

And someday my girls will grow up and marry someone else's sons, so I have a great interest in how other people raise their boys. I'm distressed by the modern trend to feminize men. I want my daughters to marry good men, not good boys.

So I read with great interest an essay a reader sent called Civilized, Not Feminized on the Raising Homemakers website, written by a woman who is well-experienced in boys. Well worth reading -- and heeding.

This is a website I'm going to have to investigate at greater length...

UPDATE: There is apparently a problem with the links. A reader reported the link to the Raising Homemakers site has been hacked, and it re-directs readers to a Viagra ad. To be on the safe side, type the link in directly:


  1. Your link is broken. =/

  2. The link is working from my end, but just in case here's the direct link:

    Happy reading!

    - Patrice

  3. Interesting article and certainly something I agree with. A few points that jumped out at me from just browsing the comments though were the mothers who like to compare their girls to boys. Seems to be alot of that going around these days.

    "My girls are just as active as boys" etc.

    It is very hard to teach a boy manners when the girls out there have even less. Sometimes it seems girls behaving like boys is cute and acceptable while boys behaving that way is wrong to today's feminist.

  4. The link worked for me.
    Great post and link, and I couldn't agree more.

  5. Good one.
    Makes me think about my grandson, who my daughter said has been in daycare with mostly girls. She worries about it. But every time I've had the opportunity to spend time with him, he's all boy and at 15 months he goes a hundred mph. Might have to get him on a football/soccer field to burn off some energy.

  6. I had a big long comment here, but my phone locked up and I lost it.
    So to summarize, I agree with you. And with PioneerPreppy, too.

    Hope you all have a blessed week! ♥

  7. Thank you for the link, I loved that article. When my ex husband left I was so worried about my boys not having a male influence. Now I am remarried and they have three older step brothers and a new little brother, and an awesome father figure. I dont know what I would do with a girl, I have always wanted one though. Now I get comments all the time about how I am the only girl with 6 boys in the house, but I do not mind it one bit!

  8. Sorry - but this link has been hacked. It goes via hyperlink OR via direct cut/paste to a Viagra add.

  9. I did a little more investigation. It's the Raising Homemakers site that's compromised. It goes to either Viagra or Cialis ads/sales.
    Somebody either doesn't like you, doesn't like them, or both.
    Sorry. I wanted to read the article.

  10. How odd, clicking the link in Google Reader took me to a drug discount site. Clicking the link directly from your webpage, Patrice, worked just fine.

    Entering the url manually worked fine.

    Trying it out in a different browser had the same effect. Trying it in a different OS (ubuntu) with Firefox and Chromium, produced the same result.

    Trying it on my Android phone with the Dolphin browser had the same effect.

    Something seems to be wrong with Google Reader.

    Aside from that, her term "boybarians" in conjunction with the title was inspired!

  11. Reminds me of when I was growing up with my brothers and cousins, only my mom would say, 'if you can't play nice you will have to come inside'.
    When did going outside become punishment?