Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Studies in close-up photography

It's always fun to discover a new feature on one's camera. This particular model has, I'm learning, a magnificent close-up feature. I've been playing around with it.

Spider on a basil leaf.

And with a flash.

Fruit fly on a basil flower.

Some sort of beetle on a hoary cress flower...

...and on a daisy.

Fly on a daisy.

Ladybug on an oregano flower.

Bee on a basil flower.

Ladybug on dill.

Wasp on dill.

I should learn to water the garden without the camera in my pocket, since I'm tempted to spend all my time photographing insects instead!


  1. How fun! My husband purchased me a new camera a few weeks ago and I have been busy capturing butterflies on and around the flowers in the woods. Love the challenge of learning to operate it after having a point and shoot camera my entire life.

    My only issue with your pictures is that the herbs have made my mouth water..


  2. Nice pics. Nothing wrong with multi-tasking :)

  3. Not sure if you have them where you are or not, but the lady bugs above almost seem like mexican bean beetles. I live in Georgia and they DESTROYED my green beans and peas this year. They are more orange than red but look like a lady bug. I really hope they are lady bugs! Love your blog!


  4. Patrice,
    It's more fun to take pictures with a new camera and learn to operate it then to water the garden :-)
    I love your pictures!

  5. The wasp picture was my fave. I have TONS of wasps this year. We find nests everywhere.

    I dislike the way they hover ominously.

    I dislike the way their legs hang down loosely from their bodies while they hover.

    I dislike that they occupy my birdbaths and wading pool by sitting on the water surface with their legs spread out.

    But, I have not been stung or even threatened once by them when outside - not even when I accidentally uncovered one of their nests and ran for my life.

    I WAS stung when I found one in the bed in the middle of the night and didn't realize what it was. I was rather surprised at the minimal "ouch-factor." I was perturbed, but not in any real pain.

    At any rate - I've decided that I can live with them, the same way I live with spiders, because of the good they do in the garden. I leave them alone and they leave me alone. And that's the way I like it.

    Just Me

    1. I love your list of "dislikes" and had to laugh. I've thought the same thing. Like you, I've learned to mingle with all kinds of bees and wasps through gardening. Now I'm actually kind of fond of borer bees which will interact with you but are not threatening. Most (not all!)really do want to mind their own business.

  6. Yes, the garden-watering my have taken longer but think of the joy you got out of it :-) Macro photography has always fascinated me. I try to get as close as possible to the subject whilst still keeping it in focus. Enjoy your latest discovery on the camera - we are.

  7. Your pics are just beautiful. Now I'm wondering if my camera has a setting like that. I'm going to have to pull out the manual when I get home and find out.