Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snow pictures

Obligatory cute puppy pic.

It was a white Christmas, but barely. We got a couple of inches of snow earlier in the week and that's it. This is unlike last December when we got whomped - and I mean whomped - with six feet of snow in twenty days.

Nippy toes for the chickens.

Walking the dogs. Notice how Lydia is just a hair bigger than Major, at least in height (she has a long way to go to equal his weight).

In the dip in the road where the sun doesn't shine much in the winter, the snow freezes to the trees and doesn't move.

Absorbing the rays. It's been clear and cold, though not bitterly so (low's about ten, highs about 28) but the cattle will stand in the sun all day long, sucking down that sunshine.


  1. The pictures of the chickens reminded me of the time I let our chickens out when there was some snow on the ground. We went away and it snowed more and when we got back some of the chickens had gotten stranded in the 3 inches of snow and developed frostbite on their legs. Our favorite rooster, a Turken named Geronimo, lost his legs and died...I just didn't know that could happen.

  2. Is your white dog a Great White Pyrnees/Guardian Dog? We are looking at acquiring one from our neighbors. We have a 11 year old Airedale. How has this breed mixed with your other dog? Any thoughts to share?


  3. What kind of dogs have you? The one in the top photo looks like our puppy which is a Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix.
    Also, fourth picture looks my Eager Egger Owlie, except Owlie is still here in snowy Southern Indiana. I thought she was so unusual-imagine.

  4. Lydia is a purebred Great Pyrenees, and how we got her is nothing short of a minor miracle. She's a bit over seven months old so far and is a wonderful dog. Our black dog, Major, was a pound rescue and we think he's a black lab / hound mix. He had a bit of a hard time adjusting to a new puppy but has finally accepted the fact that this big brat isn't going away.

  5. Great pictures, and great dogs. Reminds me of memories of Michigan.