Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas

In our house, Christmas Eve is the big celebration day.

Here's dawn on Christmas Eve. About ten degrees and clear as a bell.

For three days - Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day - I don't cook. Instead we spread out a feast of junk food. No kidding. All the forbidden foods the kids are seldom or never allowed during the rest of the year are available through these three days.

This all started out as an attempt by my dear husband to keep me from slaving in the kitchen during Christmas (he wanted to give me a break) and it somehow segued into this. I think the kids look forward to the junk food more than presents (though they're quick to deny it).



We have friends who love to watch the girls open their presents because their kids are grown and live all the way across the country. This year we also had two other friends in town join us, as well as my brother and his wife up visiting. Quite a party!

The presents kept multiplying. The ones wrapped in brown paper grocery bags are from us. Everything else is either from someone else, or FOR someone else (since the presents include those from guests to other guests).

Opening presents. Before opening, Don reads the 2nd chapter of Luke out loud, then he hands gifts out one by one. No mad-cap tearing into presents in our house!

Some of our guests. There are two others out of camera range.

We ended the evening in church for a candlelight service. Home by 10:15 pm with two exhausted kids who went straight to bed.

And that was our Christmas.

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