Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

My husband and I finally got around to wrapping the girls' presents. We just use paper grocery bags for wrapping paper, and keep the salvageable ribbons and bows from year to year.

Notice the unmade bed with the blankets hastily thrown up to make a wrapping surface. Hey whatever works, right?


  1. Now I dont feel so bad. I hate to wrap presents (wrapping paper is such a waste), but if I do have to, then I have used brown paper bags or even news paper that I have saved throughout the year to start fires in the stove. I have even used freezer paper and stamped it. When I told our two youngest children that I would be using old news paper this year for wrapping paper, they both said in chorus, "Mom, you are such a redneck." I love it. Merry Christmas
    Dawn in Nevada

  2. I like newspaper myself... Looks there might be a few books in those wrappings!

  3. They look good Patrice. I also like the newspaper idea. At least they can be useful for something practical in light of the poor job they do reporting and investigating news stories.

  4. I like to collect the funnies (in color from the Sunday papers) from the neighbors. They make very festive gift wrapping, whatever the occasion.