Friday, October 16, 2009

Windfall. Absolute WINDFALL.

I've been facing a chronic shortage of canning jars. I actually went so far as to buy five dozen new ones, something I never do, but I needed them. I'm lucky to find two or three single jars at a time in thrift stores, and most of the time I find none.

Still, I inquire every time...and this time it paid off. BIG.

Some sweet LOL's (Little Old Ladies) who ran a hole-in-the-wall thrift shop in Coeur d'Alene had a few jars for sale, but they also told me they were overseeing an estate sale which is taking place next weekend. They were pretty sure there was a significant number of jars available. Did I want them?

You bet! I gave them my contact info and told them I'd take every last one.

Sure enough, they called last weekend and said there were nineteen dozen jars, as well as assorted boxes of lids and rings. Hallelujah!

I picked them up immediately.

Next Friday is the estate sale. I plan to go to that too.


  1. Mind if I ask what kind of deal you got on the Jars? I LOVE good deals....

  2. Wow! What a great find! I wish something like that would come my way.

  3. What a find! Good for you, that's a treasure ... when I was a kid living in Miami, my mom's aunt in Tenn would give her a couple of boxes of canned fruit and jelly each year on our yearly vacation ("back home" as my parents said) ...and as my mom put the jars in the trunk, her aunt would always remind her to save the jars and bring them back next year. (Which we did.) I just sent my in-laws and my son some of the peach jam I made, with the reminder to "save the jars". I can't bear to throw away good jelly jars. Sandy in GA

  4. PTL! I bought two cases of quart sized last year at a yard sale for $3 - this year, however, had to buy all new - up to nearly 400 jars and got five first places and one second place at the fair - YAY!

  5. Little old lady deals are the best kind of deals! :)

  6. I love preserving as I grew up very poor and it was survival , plus it's kind of therapeutic . Most of the houses here have fruit trees in their yards and just let it go to rot. Or they did until I moved into the neighbourhood . Frozen or canned , my friends and coworkers never need worry about lack of Vitamin c in the wintertime .