Friday, October 16, 2009

A truly pathetic corn crop

Note to self: Do NOT plant vegetables at the end of June. That's about when I got around to planting our nonhybrid corn because it took us so long to get fences up around the garden after expanding it.

In early October, I decided it was high time to harvest the maize. To look at it, it sure seemed we had a nice bumper crop. The stalks had been tall, luxuriantly green, and bearing a nice share of ears.

So Lydia and I went out to pick the corn.

I tossed the corn shucks to the cows, who think it's better than candy. Note our red bull Gimli.

But out of that impressive stand of corn, this is all I got! The rest was immature. If I had planted at the beginning of June, the ears would have had sufficient time to ripen and the harvest would have been impressive. Oh well, at least the chickens enjoyed the leftovers.

Thirteen pints. That's it. Thank goodness for our neighbor's generosity.

I saved eleven of the best ears for seed corn, which I hung to dry.


  1. My corn stunk this year, too. But I'm always late in planting things. Someday I'll be a master gardener.

  2. Amen, sister! Every year, I get a little less late. Eventually, I'll actually be able to take full advantage of our long growing season.

    Until then, I just keep trying to do better each year.