Saturday, October 31, 2009

Drying clothes in the winter

In conjunction with my recent obsession with saving electricity, somebody asked if we ever use our clothes dryer, and/or how we dry our clothes in the winter.

We never use the dryer. This is what we do:

I'm picking up clothes racks as I find them in thrift stores or yard sales. I'm scouting for two more, as then I'll be able to keep abreast with laundry all winter long. Love these clothes racks! They're one of those great undiscovered but marvelous gizmos.


  1. At our primitive cabin, my husband suspended cleaned and sanded limbs - about an inch and a half to two inches through and suspended them from the rafters/second floor floor joists and i just put everything but socks and undies on hangers - no folding!

  2. I really like the old fashion style of clothes drying rack that are round. I found this company on line called best drying rack that I am sold on as being the best replacement for those accordian type racks.