Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hey, guess what??!!

You'll never never never never never guess what I'm doing this Saturday!!

It seems Joseph Farah, head honcho of, will be in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho attending a conference. Since Cd'A is practically in my backyard, I got up my courage and sent an email asking if he'd like to get together for a cup of coffee. He did that one better, and instead we're having lunch on Saturday. Imagine that!

Now I'll have to think of something to say to the guy...

Yeah, I'm nervous. A little. Being tucked away in the boondocks as I am, I never meet famous people. This ought to be interesting. And maybe a little nerve-wracking.


  1. That is really cool!

  2. I've been a fan of Farah's since he started WND.
    I remember it was one of the first real conservative websites I read and I e-mailed a big thank-you to Farah. He replied very graciously...nice man.

    Enjoy Saturday, Patrice...and please blog all about it if you can! :)

  3. Maybe you could mention how annoying it is to fight popup book ads while trying to navigate WND

  4. Or how bizarre it is that they mix in columns promoting their own publications or products along with actual news and commentary pieces. I know they need to pay the bills, but it's just weird.

  5. Hey, that's pretty cool. I hadn't realized the conference was this weekend until a lady at work yesterday mentioned that she was going to it. I went to the first one a few years ago, was out of the country until this summer, and am bummed to miss out on it again. There's always next time, though. It was from this conference that I found out about WND and started reading your articles when you joined.

    That's pretty cool that you got to have lunch with him today! I hope it went well. It's a beautiful day!

  6. Re: popups

    Use Firefox and noscript addon-on.


  7. Please continue to represent the moderates from flyer-over country. There's nothing radical about living a simple conservative way of life. Too many people want to classify conservatives as wildly reactionary and/or somehow evil. We have to take the higher road in the media. I have immensely enjoyed reading your blogs and hope you can continue to bring your refreshing civil dialog to a wider audience, and have others follow your lead on the national scale. Thank you