Monday, October 26, 2009

Lunch with Joseph Farah

Well well. I can honestly report that Joseph Farah is as decent a guy as he is brilliant.

I met him for lunch in Coeur d'Alene and we talked for an hour and a half straight. We'd have undoubtedly talked longer but he had to get back to the conference. He told me some of the history of WorldNetDaily, we discussed my writing, and we touched on a number of the "state of the world" topics.

He's very approachable and not at all intimidating. Very very nice fellow.

(slightly blurry photo - sorry - we tried it without a flash at first)


  1. How awesome !!! I'm so jealous. To have an hour long conversation with Mr. Farah would be a blessing. You just keep having blessings poured on you don't you ?

    In Christ's Love,

  2. Great that you got to meet him. I enjoy his WND.