Monday, October 19, 2009

Canning pears

True to my new agenda to can every surplus thing that comes my way (especially since I now have such an abundance of canning jars), a friend had extra pears from her tree and gave me what she didn't need.

The pears were too soft to use the apple peeler, so I peeled them all by hand.

Then cored them. (The chickens got the leftovers.)

Made the syrup. I prefer to use a thin syrup.

A quick wash of the pears...

Then into the hot syrup they went to cook for a few minutes before packing them into the jars.

Got 13 pints. The nice thing about canned pears is they're so pearly white and pretty in the jars.

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  1. I like to use different spices when canning pears of peaches. To both I had a few cloves. To pears I add redhots.It makes a nice change from the regular canned and the redhots make a pretty pink pear. I also add redhots to applesauce and make a candy applesauce.