Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why didn't I hear about this?

The people of Russia donated a monument of staggering beauty in remembrance of the victims of 9/11.

While I won't go so far as to hint at a conspiracy of silence from the Left, I sure as hell would have noticed such a stunning monument as this if it had been all over the news - as it should have been.

Here's a brochure on the issue.


  1. HOW didn't we hear about this, Patrice? It's gorgeous!! It's so moving too. How sad that no one seems to have paid attention to it.

  2. i agree-it is a beautiful monument.

  3. I live in NYC, watched the WTC go down. This is the first time I've seen any information on this Memorial--it's been up for almost 3 years!!

    But let one white supremacist group stage a rally, let one drunken fool shoot another drunken fool in a bar--it would have made the front page!

    Skewered priorities!

  4. I enjoy your site a lot. When I have tortured myself enough with political "News" and the latest PC outrages, I come here for mental healing...

  5. I was in Russia over Sept. 11 in 2007 and I was absolutely amazed as to how much the Russians actually paid attention to it - there were specials on television about it, and I attended a special ceremony at St. Catherine's in Moscow that not only had all the news crews there, but a lot of diplomatic people as well - I believe that our ambassador to Russia was one of the people there. I actually was really, really surprised, because in some ways it seemed like Russia was taking the promise to "never forget" more than the US does.

    However, one thing that one must remember with this is that Russia has suffered a lot with terrorism due to Muslim extremists. Not only did you have the Moscow theater kidnapping and Beslan, but there have been any number of other deadly incidents - bombings of Metro stations, buildings, and even Moscow's 2nd largest airport (which I flew through twice), among others. The cynical mind would say that Putin is just using Sept. 11th memorials as a way to help cement public opinion against Muslims and hold on to the southern, majority-Muslim areas (such as Chechnya), and there may be some grain of truth in that, but I think in a larger sense, the Russians understand the tragedy that 9/11 is for us because they've been through so much of this terrorism themselves.

    (And yes, going through Moscow, one certainly does notice the police , particularly around the old city and the Metro, and if one is smart, one conducts him/herself in such a manner as not to attract their attention/ire.)