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Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Party Pics

We attended a tea party in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho on April 15. A conservative estimate for the number of people attending is 1000. My girls had never been to a rally before and they loved it. They loved hearing the speakers and reading the signs. They loved the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd. And they enjoyed seeing a whole bunch of people whose opinions were similar to that of their parents.


  1. Absolutely brilliant! My class schedule kept me tied up all midday, and couldn't attend my local Tea Party. I'm sure I missed out on a piece of history.

  2. I couldn't go because of the flu :-(. Well, thank God for satellite and Fox News! Did you see how clueless Obama was? And all the vitriol spewing from the left? That's their version of debate: agree with them or get called names. Still, it was nice watching history unfold. I signed on a site and hope it all goes way further, like revamping our country. We really should go back to tariffs only, WalMart and Target customers can pay the bills, thank you.

  3. I like the "God Only Requires 10%" sign.
    The Tea Parties were all very, very good.

  4. Keep the tea parties going! We will see a change in our government in 2010!! The American people are fed up with the liberal left and we are not going away. With God on our side with prayer and seeking God at the forefront of our personal relationship with Him, I feel our efforts will not be in vain. We are a Christian Nation and even though this world waxes worse daily, the Lord promises to take care of His people, those who love and seek to please Him in all they do. According the word of God, we are to love all people but that doesn't mean we can't disagree with them and have our own opinion. Love must remain at the forefront as we enjoy our liberties at each tea party. Tea for two or maybe two million!