Saturday, April 18, 2009

They're baaaAAAAaaack......

I tell ya, I thought we were rid of these jerks forever. They have tainted the image of north Idaho like nothing else. Who are they?

White supremacists. Possibly the single most hated group in these regions - except, evidently, by the handful of idiots who join them.

Sigh. Shortly after we moved here (almost six years ago), I remember hearing about a parade or demonstration the Aryan Nation put on. Apparently they had news cameras on them like mad - and hundreds of protesters. Naturally the news cameras focused on the marchers, not the protesters, thus igniting the idea that northern Idaho is chock-ful of white supremacists.


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  1. I'm from the South. You don't often see these jerks here anymore. MOST Southerners consider them a blight on Southern heritage and pride. BUT you occasionally see the scum-suckers. Being raised to be polite, I try not to spit on them more than once.