Friday, April 17, 2009

Oooh - snark of the week!

I was just glancing over the Digg comments left on last week's column on homeschooling and my jaw dropped when I read one person's remarks. Take a gander at this:

I feel sorry for home schooled children - they will miss one of the most valuable assets in life - difference of opinion and source that leads to healthy debate.

In my opinion - Parents that insist that their kids are home schoolled since they dont like what the education system is teaching are guilty of child abuse.

Is it just me, or is the term "child abuse" thrown about with a great deal more carelessness than it was before? So a group of people who produce, as I wrote in my column, children who are polite, enthusiastic, happy, loved, well-educated and obviously well-adjusted....are child abusers? On what planet? (Unless it's Planet Liberalism...)

In what public school do children get "healthy" debate? Debate gets cut off whenever a kid mentions God, the Bible ("hate literature," remember?), the Constitution or Bill of Rights, morals, values, etc. And this person unwittingly gives a superb example of the kind of "healthy debate" he or she endorses - to throw a nasty, horrible accusation at someone who sincerely believes they are giving their children the best educational advantages.

Debate, eh? Yeah right.


  1. I attended the Colo Spgs rally, the tv reporters estimated 2000, I think more. But the important thing is WE were there. Putting the incumbents on notice is good, but until we clean our own houses, we're spitting(?) in the wind. We have to admit that insane spending did not begin with BHO, he just took it to a new level. RRs 11th Commandment no longer applies. LORD forgive us

  2. Public schools ARE child abuse. Not much education but a whole lotta indoctrination. And high self-esteems....

  3. If every parent would either homeschool their children or send them to a private christian school their children wouldn't be controlled by a government that has taken every effort to brainwash children away from God and teach them their liberal agenda. You can see how public education has gone downhill after taking Christ out of its schools. It will continue to go downhill with teachers needing to protect themselves with handguns just to survive the violence that has nearly overtaken the public sector and more monies needed to hire police protection to keep students safe while on public school property. To keep our children safe, the only answer is homeschooling and keepiing them in a safe environment. And, they do thrive in public settings (college, etc.,) after graduating and most are far more ready for their future than those attending public schools, just look at their scores and those who partipicate in public settings after finishing their homeschooled enviroment, not to mention most homeschoolers finish their subjects earlier and are able to attend college at a younger age if desired. This is made possible because of their stress-free environment and these ARE well rounded individuals that interact with other homeschooled students on a daily or weekly basis. They also participate in sport activities and all other activities public school children experience, except they are allowed to pray to their God without the fear of being reprimanded. Homeschooled children are made ready academically and spiritually for their future and blessed by not being forbidden to acknowledge Christ in their everyday setting. They are a huge benefit to society and very well rounded, even more so than those who attend public schools daily while not having to hide their Christian beliefs due to government control and the fear of terror on campus. If you haven't had the priviledge of homeschooling your children or sending them to a private Christian school then you obviously don't know the pros of being able to do so. And, if you haven't had this priviledge, and don't know the advantages of raising a child by these means, then you really have no reason to speak negatively about something you have never experienced! If I am eating an apple and ask you if it taste bitter or sweet, could you tell me? Evidently Not because it was not you who were eating the apple. Therefore, if you haven't raised homeschooled children or had them attend and experience a private Christian school education and experienced the benefits for yourself, can you adequately and truthfully tell another of the benefits they have experienced by doing so firsthand? Evidently Not!

  4. Our public schools do exactly what they were intended to do: create people who are trained to answer to a bell, whose inner lives are desolate, requiring them to seek entertainment from outside themselves, and to work tirelessly on an assembly line with no thought of leaving and working for themselves.

    The American education system is based off of the Hindu schools in India - which are designed to keep the castes separate and to kill the desire in the lower castes to better themselves.

    The American people believed the lies they were told, "your children will be smarter," "you will be able to work and your children will be taught everything they need to know," "everyone will receive the same, quality education." And they got (we got) the system we have today.