Thursday, March 26, 2009

Turkeys in the Mist

I went outside early one foggy morning around dawn and beheld this noble sight:

I can't believe our Founding Fathers actually chose the silly ol' bald eagle over this beautiful creature...


  1. I love the pictures. I've seen a couple of them here too, but haven't been close enough to get pictures~

  2. Such a perrty sight when lined up with my 10/22! I think they chose the eagle as its not part of our food chain like the turkey is.


  3. mmmm....TASTY!!!!

  4. I hope your joking. The only thing a turkey is good for is eating - and even then I have a tough time liking it.

    The bald eagle on the other hand is glorious and beautiful. My heart tightens up anytime I see one. To think that some day it all won't matter because America is running a race to the bottom....

    Found your blog through Amy. Will be back to visit again ;)

  5. I hate turkeys!!! Sorry they used to chase me at my mother in laws place.