Saturday, March 21, 2009

A hotbed of harpists

The unusual talent you find in small town America never fails to amaze me. Here we are in the rural panhandle of Idaho, in a town of 1000, and we're a hotbed of harpists.

This afternoon our daughters had a music recital. Instruments included harp, piano, violin, voice, and guitar. The harps, of course, were the most impressive from sheer quantity if nothing else. How many people have ever heard a dozen harps at once, ranging from lap harps to concert-sized pedal harps?

This is all due to the indomitable efforts of a local and elderly lady who simply loves music and wants nothing more than to share her joy in the harp with everyone she can rope in (my husband included). No one is professional but they're all having fun.

(This was the rehearsal so no one is in the audience seats yet.)

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  1. It's nice to see these many harpists in this rural area. My client LLOYD LINDROTH would have been proud to see this and if he were alive today would be the first to help out. Anyone in the harp world knows who Lindroth is. He was known by millions around the globe as "The Master of The Harp" as said by VARIETY magazine. Idaho is one area Lindroth never appeared in person in the USA. He did concerts in just about every other state, much in Las Vegas, Reno and Lake Tahoe. Congratulations to all the harpists. I know how difficult it is to play that instrument. Then, to make money with it and/or a living with it is another thing entirely. I managed/agented harpists for years from LA to New York. I appreciate what you are doing.
    -George Michaud