Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snark of the Week

Since not everyone may read the comments that are posted with any particular blog entry, I'm posting specially a comment I received this morning. I wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to read DaPohlice's response to my "Chuckle du Jour" entry. It's always so nice to hear from eloquent, highly-educated elites:

I would usually consider myself a very accepting and tolerant person, having lived in so many different places, including here in the Unites States. I am an American, and I embody many great American ideals. However, reading some of the things you have written on this blog, I find myself sickened to my stomach.

Only a fool leans upon his or her own misunderstandings, and it seems as if your whole view on evrything is based on bullshit. You and your extremist redneck views is what will drive this country to its end, and bring the world along with it.

Try being less narrow minded, racist and egocentric in your thinking.

And maybe you should take off your cowboy hat at the same time, maybe people would respect you more.

Yep, good thing this person is "accepting" and "tolerant" of those who cherish and hold dear such things as Christianity, a free-market economy, self-sufficiency, and the documents of our Founding Fathers. Yes indeedy...love those elites...


  1. Amen! I thought liberals were the ones that accepted everyone as they are and that we were the mean-spirited ones, but their hatred is really coming through these days. I was taught when you resort to profanity it shows your ignorance because you obviously cannot come up with another word.

  2. I believe the individual meant to say, "You and your extremist, redneck views ARE what will drive this country to its end..."

    Personally, I'm accepting and tolerant, too ... of everyone who thinks in lock-step with me.

  3. So much for the tolerant, accepting, broad minded left! I'm a college professor, an artist, and a conservative Christian. This ignorant, nasty little creep seems completely controlled by blind hatred, arrogance and intolerance. Sad really. But, unfortunately the blindness of such individuals is usually incurable, even when the raw truth smack them in the face. A great deal of suffering is going to descend on us all in the near future, and this schmuck can thank his liberal overlords for this eventuality.