Friday, March 6, 2009

Huh? Where did THIS come from?

Also in response to last week's column - which I'll take pains to point out concerned the subject of out-of-control spenders in Washington - I received the following email. I can't fathom how the author of this piece managed the leap of logic from fiscal irresponsibility to racism, but there you go.

Your piece in the WorldNetDaily was forwarded: " Washington socialists need a good spanking" (2/28/09) .

They are not Socialist. But it got me thinking. Who else REALLY needs (or needed) a good spanking? Hmmmm?

For starters, John Wayne. He was a mere celluloid "hero", not the real deal. He made no diligent effort to fight in WWII. My father enlisted, fought bravely and returned home to a segregated U.S.A. where spoiled White males like John Wayne whined that our brave leaders, like Martin Luther King, were "bellyaching". Excuse me?

Dr. King was one of the bravest men ever. Each time he stepped forward to speak so eloquently, he risked life and limb. John Wayne never did that.

Neither did Rush Limbaugh, another spoiled self-centered draft dodger. He's another white boy who chuckles about (imaginary) liberals needing a good spanking, when he himself is so pampered with his lavish welfare that he is the male equivalent of Marie Antoinette. Let them eat caviar.

What of your nasty White male talk show hosts? Many need a good spanking. Most never worked a REAL JOB in their miserable lives. They sit on their butts, getting HANDED millions for calling us "jungle bunnies", "N----"; denying the Holocaust against Jews; calling women "dumb broads who need to be beaten back". Just spouting their precious opinions, never really working.

Such "men" include talk show "host" Michael Savage (who publicly wished more Feminists would die like Betty Friedan and not live so long) and who mocked disabled children. Plus SCREAMED ugly abuse about Madeline Albright, Justice Ginsberg, etc. Michael Weiner (aka savage) needs one good spanking.

Bob Grant -- who for nearly 1/2 century made a fortune snapping at callers, mocking Blacks, women, minorities, glorifying the Klan. Grant needs to be humbled.

And the late Gary D. Gilbert, who was HANDED millions for yapping his venomous hatred on air towards Blacks, females, Hispanics. That lazy White bum was also a WIFE BEATER, having punched and beaten his wife in front of their kids on several occasions. Gilbert got no punishment.

And Coach Bob Knight -- whose profanity laced tirades on the basketball court were legendary. He choked players, slammed people into walls, threw chairs, even injured a lady when he threw a vase. Knight DISOBEYED his own bosses when ordered to control his temper tantrums. To date, Coach Bob Knight has not been spanked. (Nor was Ty Cobb - one of the most violent racists ever).

A POWERFUL good spanking is due Pastor Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church. His brainwashed cult family pickets funerals of dead soldiers, AIDS victims, even VA Tech kids murdered. Reverend Phelps was a WIFE-BEATER. ("A good left hook makes for a right fine wife").

Fred severely whipped his 13 children, terrifying them, making them run errands selling candy on snowy nights so he wouldn't have to work. Fred Phelps terrorized, bullied and intimidated his community -- shooting a neighbor's dog, filing lawsuits, sending obscene faxes, getting people fired. But because Phelps is a conservative Christian minister, nobody spanks him.

Another Christian conservative was a powerful attorney, John Fedders. During the Reagan years, it was revealed Fedders was a wife-beater. His good Catholic wife, Charlotte, was trained like a dog to obey her moody master. Fedders punched his wife's face, breaking her eardrum. He beat and choked her, blackened her eyes --- but was never arrested.

Even Phyllis Schlafly should be humbled. She arrogantly pushes her conservative Christian lifestyle, mocking the true needs of women who must work, who lack her wealth and resources. She brushes off true suffering of women who are battered, raped, humiliated with discrimination or harassment. Schlafly sickens me.

And "Dick Masterson" whose blog "Men are Better Than Women" reveals the depth of depravity in the minds of men who condone violence, rape and hatred for women. No one spanks Masterson. He is free to peddle his porn garbage and not work a real job, as "suckers born every minute" spoon feed him caviar. (Dittoes for all porn dealers - especially the late Chuck Traynor who raped, pimped and nearly killed girls).

Historically, a GOOD SPANKING should have been given to William Byrd, Virginia plantation master in the early 1700s. Byrd bragged of whipping slaves nearly every day.

Byrd made one sick slave drink his own urine, after enuresis. He made slaves wear a painful "bridle" with a sharp bit in their mouths. Do you admire William Byrd? Or was he a brat in need of severe punishment?

And Preston Brooks, pro-slavery Congressman from S. Carolina. In 1856, he attacked a northern abolitionist Senator, Charles Sumner, whilst Sumner was peacefully writing at his Senate desk. Brooks was fuming mad, and struck the unarmed Senator with a heavy cane, giving Sumner concussions and nearly killing him.

And Senator John Calhoun from S. Carolina (1782-1850) who fiercly defended slavery as "good" for us. And who had his slaves whipped 30 lashes and given a bread and water torture. No one whipped Calhoun for his atrocities.

Nor were German Nazis "whipped" in proportion to the torture they inflicted on innocents. Nor were the thousands of White males in authority who tortured and burned people in the heresy and witch hunts in Europe.

Recall the thousands of Klansmen, bigots and crude people who behaved similarly.... they were never "spanked" for their unspeakable crimes.


  1. I don't know the race of this person, but it is the most racist e-mail I have EVER read. This is someone who hates white people BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE! And, for the record, John Wayne was exempted from service due to his age (34 at the time of Pearl Harbor) and family status, classified as 3-A (family deferment). He tried to enlist, but Republic Pictures put up a HELL of a row! People like this e-mailer are what is wrong with this country; it's not big business or political divisions or even political correctness! It's people who hate simply for the sake of hating. They have their right to spew their venom and I pray that they choke on it.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Walter Lane.

    The Socialist mentality is thoroughly described in Rossiter's book "The Liberal Mind" ---the first 'emailer' is a terrific example of the insanity of such thinking. Most normal people give the benefit of a doubt, the previous writer is totally nuts.
    Incidentally, the sub-title of Rossiter's book is "The psychological causes of political madness." I recommend the book, it gives good insight into the socialist mind.


  3. This is a scary person. About the only part I agree with is Fred Phelps. Uh, why is this person so worried about wanting people from past centuries spanked anyway? Like you asked- what does the socialist agenda in Washington have to do with spanking dead people who lived a hundred years ago? As for Rush and the rest. Not that they need anyone to speak for them- it's not like any of them began a career with millions of listeners. Has this person not ever heard or concieved of climbing a ladder? This person needs help.

  4. It would appear this person skipped their anger management class again. And has a "Now we are in control & get to get even withem" attitude. Whoever you are, unstand this. I've never owned nor condoned slavery of any kind. There is another sort of slavery that you appear to harbor. A slavery of the soul. GOD has a remedy for it. My LORD forgive us for what we are now doing to this once great nation.

  5. So obviously the e-mailer has a Masters in Logic. So what if all of these people deserve a "spanking" as he put it, what does that have to do with the spoiled brats selling us down the river in Washington. And of the whole list, he starts with John Wayne? Does that mean actors are more guilty for playing roles they haven't actually lived than the people at the bottom of the e-mail who may actually have been due some punishment.

    The poster needs to learn to forgive, like a lot of people in this country. How on earth can you carry this much hate around? Just think how productive this person could be if instead of devoting energy to this kind of rant they focused on something positive.

    And by the way, the same Person who tells the e-mailer to forgive also tells us that the bad actors have either repented or will get their punishment.

    I sense the public school system had a lot to do with this. No God, no hope, the Nazis need to control everything if they believe there is no controlling authority.


  6. That emailer has a clear case of white-male-o-phobia. In his view, every evil is the result of a conspiracy of white males and now it's time to stick it to 'em.

  7. Want to know something scary? The local police were reporting that arrested Black males were spewing this same kind of venom after Obama was elected - they essentially said "wait till my homeboy becomes President then we'll get even with all you whiteys"... this was repeated many times in the Fall of 2008. This kind of talk WILL lead to a racial Civil War. The Obama Administration - just by the way he was elected and the way they are trying to silence his critics - has done more damage to race relations than Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson ever could have dreamed possible.

  8. I don't know the race of this person, but it is the most racist e-mail I have EVER read. This is someone who hates white people BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE!

    How do you know? The writer of this never criticized anyone on this list merely for being white, but s/he did criticize some (or, rather, most) for being bigoted whites.

    John Wayne.... Rush Limbaugh, ... draft dodger.... White male talk show hosts ... talk show "host" Michael Savage ... Bob Grant ... Gary D. Gilbert ... Coach Bob Knight ... Fred Phelps ... attorney John Fedders... Phyllis Schlafly ... "Dick Masterson" ... William Byrd, Virginia plantation master ... Preston Brooks, pro-slavery Congressman from S. Carolina.... Senator John Calhoun from S. Carolina ... German Nazis ... thousands of Klansmen,

    Carolyn, if the only part you agree with is Fred Phelps, when the author of this bit named some people responsible for far more evils than he was, then I consider your attitude rather unnerving. Fred Phelps does little more than pose for cameras. Some of the others on this list are far worse.

  9. Lucille: "The writer of this never criticized anyone on this list merely for being white, but s/he did criticize some (or, rather, most) for being bigoted whites."

    Note "bigoted whites". Yes, you are correct. But why didn't the person simply just criticize bigoted people, not bigoted white people? Could they possibly be inferring that all/most/a lot of white people are bigoted? Is that not racist?

    A LOT of people need a good spanking. Many people of all races need a good spanking, not just bigoted white people.

  10. Lol, I had to laugh at this purely because this guy literally wrote an e-mail that had nothing to do with what the author of the said article was saying. This is so twisted, and as "John" sad.. the author of the e-mail really needs to step back and forgive. Well, actually, don't forgive.. but hate everyone then (sarcasm) because until this day we have slaves all over the world. We have sex slaves, but who cares about them, e-mailer, right? How about the females in the middle east? Are they not treated WORSE than slaves? Nothing but a sex object, and have no opinion. Lets not forget that in those days, we had nothing to compare it to. Africans sold Africans... we are idiots, indeed, for that. Things get twisted in the e-mailers head that everything has to do with race. You're so stuck on the past (that we all are sad and sympathetic about) - anyone who knew better in those days was too scared to do anything. Right and wrong is relative, anyways. You think because someone doesn't support Obama must be a racist *rolls eyes* so you write this *annoying* e-mail going off about all these horrid white people... please, I could do the same thing to EVERY race. There is trash in all races, and you can't hate an entire group of people purely because they share the same skin color as someone you don't approve of. By the way, I love MLK jr, he is a true hero of mine, but don't forget... He accepted and forgave as well :-) So don't use him in a way that makes him look like you o.O [oh and next time try mentioning the white folk that walked right by him]



  11. I've come to realize that the true racists in our society are the race-obsessed. They view everything through race-colored lenses. Thus, when Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Jeanene Garafalo want to see racism, all the really need to do -- is look in the mirror.

    Race obsessed IS racist!