Thursday, March 26, 2009

Easy Cheesy

We're supposed to bring dessert this Tuesday to our weekly neighborhood get-together. I thought I'd bring peanut butter pie. Trouble is, the recipe calls for cream cheese and I didn't have any.

With a cow producing three gallons of milk a day, it just goes against my goat to actually have to buy a dairy product. So I decided to try making cream cheese.

Piece o' cake. Why didn't I do this sooner?

Peanut butter pie, here we come! I think I'll make a triple recipe.


  1. While I don't know the exact method for making cream cheese, I suspect it doesn't require renet since it never hardens up all the way, even if left out for months (grinning).

    However, I do have experience with making Kefir. And if you let your kefir ferment for several days instead of a single day, you can make a cross between cream cheese and feta cheese. It becomes a cream cheese consistency, but a feta cheese in flavor! Yum! Yum! So so easy to make. You just forget to strain yesterday's batch of Kefir and realize it two or three days later when your memory returns (smiling).

    By the way this is excellent on salads! Mmmm Mmmm..

  2. Neighbors getting together like that...Are there any homes for sale there?!

  3. Could you print the directions for making cream cheese with raw cow's milk? I've been substituting chevre from my goats, but it has a grainier texture.

    Laurie in NC