Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Watch that mud

We've had a few good rainstorms in the last week or two, so I decided to start a burn barrel.

However the burn barrel had gotten moved over the summer when a neighbor came to dig a hole in the driveway. After filling in the hole, the dirt packed nice and solid and we crossed the area without any problem for the last couple months.

However after a few good rains, the section was a muddy mess and the mud stuck to any footwear foolish enough to venture into the vicinity.

When I started a fire in the burn barrel, I started out wearing sneakers. Let's just say that didn't last long. I switched over to mud boots, and the mud was caked on so thick I tracked it everywhere (porch steps and deck) and didn't dare come into the house.

Unfortunately this muddy patch was right in the pathway between the house and the driveway, which meant delicate tiptoeing whenever we needed to get from Point A to Point B.

So Don patched it. He started by rolling out some weed cloth.

He cut it generously to size.

Then he fetched several loads of gravel from near the barn and brought it around to the front of the house.

It took several loads.

Afterwards he raked everything flat.

The result is a nice solid patch.

We're trying to get little projects like this done before the snow flies. Come winter, we won't have to worry about sinking up to our ankles in mud.


  1. You are spoiled absolutely rotten!

    I think you and Don need to switch places sometimes with you doing the manual labor and him documenting your hard work with pictures and a some comments on your blog!
    Don't worry! He wouldn't do out of fear you'd make him do the canning!

    1. Well, remember ... when I was photographing Don's activities through the window, I was tied to the computer doing my online job. I'd far rather have been out there raking gravel, but such is life.

      - Patrice

    2. I'm just jealous. You get to watch your awesome husband through the window working hard!

  2. Last month in SW Idaho we had a terrible downpour due to hurricane hilary. Got an inch and a half in 10 minutes. fields flooded, culverts over run. Need to get some loads of gravel to repair some of the gully washers. Have pipe on hand to divert a couple of wash outs but the rest will cost time and money. Gotta get it done b4 snow, amongst all the other projects. at least all the hay is stacked and under cover.