Friday, October 20, 2023

A new walking trail

Older Daughter has been slowly learning what kinds of walking trails are in the region. Now that her busy season is over, we all decided to celebrate by taking a nice walk in the woods.

We brought Darcy, of course. I made sure to walk him before we left so he could, well, do his doo-doo duty ahead of time. When he learned he was going with us on this adventure, he was thrilled.

In fact, he was so thrilled that he barely made it out of the car before making another huge pile, despite having done so earlier. Oh well, at least this meant we could leave it next to the car instead of toting it with us through the woods.

The trail was largely flat and easy, formed in a loop a bit over a mile in length. There were additional trails, but dogs weren't permitted on them, so we contented ourselves by looping twice.

We saw lots and lots of mushrooms ... so many, in fact, that I'll make a separate post on them.

This photo came out blurry because I was walking (instead of standing still) when I took it. Still, I think it's kinda artistic. Very impressionistic, no?

A chickaree with its mouth full chattered angrily at us as we passed.

It was simply a beautiful path, sun-dappled and deeply forested.

A tree draped in lichen.

Darcy was in his element.

We saw this bunch grass everywhere.

Many had the dried remains of a tall flowering stalk. Anyone know what kind of grass this is?

A large tree that came down, splintered dramatically at its base.

Beautiful forest scene.

The larches are just starting to turn yellow.

Evidently this trail is widely used by horse riders.

Darcy got himself a good drink before we got back into the car.

A very satisfying morning's amble.

Definitely a place to explore some more.


  1. I'm so jealous, not just of so many public trails available and maintained obviously, but of the beauty.
    And frankly, in spite of signs, people around here still throw lots of trash and beer cans out of their vehicles. Don't really want trails for this kind of mentality.

  2. It looks like bear grass to me.

  3. A great hike and some beautiful pictures. That one pic, however, had me reaching for my glasses. "Impressionistic?" Nice try ;-D

  4. It could be bear grass. Not sure if the distinguishing features would have been eaten or suffered from fall weather.

  5. I'd also go with bear grass. I worked for the USFS up in north Idaho numerous seasons and often seen that. It's easier to ID when it's earlier in the year.