Wednesday, October 11, 2023

A note on Younger Daughter

In light of the developing conflict in the Middle East, several readers have expressed concern for our Navy daughter, who is currently stationed in Europe.

We just talked with her today, and she's fine. Since she's on shore duty for the next few years, we're praying she won't be directly involved in this horrible situation. She's confident she's not in immediate physical danger.

The same can't be said for other members of the military. And, of course, things can change in a moment as the political winds shift and the conflict involves more and more nations and people.

It breaks my heart to read about so many innocent lives lost. Please continue to pray that this conflict can be resolved without further escalation.


  1. Prayers for all service people to stay safe if the conflict touches them. My Marine grandson is in Japan right now. Hoping he's not one called upon to go. What armed forces family isn't concerned.

  2. YD is prayed for from time to time regardless of where she's stationed, because she is yours, and you and your family are important to us. Will pray for her more frequently with this mess going on.
    I've been feeling a heightened need to fortify things like water supply. Especially with recent drought conditions, so it was even before war in Israel, though that raises awareness that our homeland could also be threatened. And with us being oil dependent now, is it possible fuel for generators for wells be hard to get?

    I think there's much to pray about, especially for the Lord's leading for days ahead. And of course for families struck by the evils of war. It's heart rending.