Tuesday, October 24, 2023

There is fungus among'us

Lately we've been seeing an amazing variety of mushrooms.

Some are bland (see above), some are showy (see below).

But I tell ya, when we went walking last week higher in the mountains, we saw mushrooms galore. As the old wordplay goes, there is fungus among'us.

I don't have any clue what any of these mushrooms are. All I know is there has been an amazing variety on display this fall, both here at home and elsewhere (such as in the mountains). Without further ado, enjoy the photo journal.

These little pale pink button-sized things were growing on the side of the road.

Older Daughter poked one with the end of a pine needle, and it oozed a gelatinous goo.

This mushroom looked almost like a dandelion.

Here we are, up in the mountains. We were probably at 5,000 feet in elevation.

These were fascinating mushrooms. They looked like little cities.

This one looked like coral. Someone had plucked this sample and balanced it on top a fence post, presumably for closer examination.

Here is some more, growing at the base of a log.

Other interesting varieties:

What a wondrous world we live in.


  1. It's amazing what nature produces

  2. Amen!!!!
    Beautiful mushrooms but I'm leaving them all for the experts. Thank you for the pictures.

  3. There was an expert in Portland Oregon who had a house party with eight of his friends and without telling anyone included in the food mushrooms he had picked in the woods. Half of the people there that day died within a week and the others were on dialysis awaiting a liver transplant. Don't eat the mushrooms. And if you think you know which ones are OK to eat please don't serve them to other people.

  4. Some of the mushrooms that are sold for medicinal purposes still aren't to be consumed as food. There's a big difference between what's put in a tincture or gel cap, and a food serving.

    Nowadays too many people are just nuts anyway. Including and maybe especially food companies, who are woke up to a dollar if nothing else. They want to feed us bugs, for goodness sakes. Black soldier fly larvae, to be exact. Those maggots eat poop. Bugs carry disease. The food companies have a hard enough time getting our food right as it is, which is a major reason people want to grow their own . And we better be reading labels. I bought some packets of stuff the other day, brought them home, and gosh. It contains a bioengineered food product. They can't even be honest enough to list what it is.
    I've noticed mushrooms growing in animal poop also. Just one more reason to leave them alone unless you know they were grown in a sterile medium. With no bugs around.

  5. Thanks for these! I love fungi and these are some nice specimens you've captured in your pics.

  6. Look more closely into the white coral-looking one. It may be a valuable lion’s mane. Very delicious. I don’t dare say for sure without seeing up close.

  7. There's a high probability that one or more of these are wanted and consumed in China. Export!