Monday, June 12, 2023

Random pix

Sorry for the silence, dear readers. I've had a nutty week with multiple writing deadlines and lots of things on my plate. So rather than write anything witty (my brain is pretty fried), I'll simply show you a selection of random photos I've taken over the last couple of weeks.

Black-chinned hummer.

Early-morning sunshine on dewy grass.

Busy robin feeding babies.

Some elk watching us from a nearby pasture.

Oak leaves.

For some reason, though, the tree is sporting a few red leaves, even this late in spring. No idea why.

We had this handsome boy grazing in our yard one afternoon.

Potatoes. I took this photo on May 30, so they're even lusher and taller now.

A neighbor's horse, framed by tree branches.

Aftermath of a thunderstorm...

...which left behind a beautiful double rainbow... well as a pretty sunset.

My nuclear strawberries are starting to produce heavily. I'll be picking a generous bowl full every other day.

This was the first harvest. It's ramped up since I took this photo.

Some sneaky robins are enjoying the fruit too.

One last holdout. I figured breeding season was over, but evidently this fellow disagrees.

I removed this spider egg sac lest it get buried during a project. It ripped open and all the eggs were visible.

Poofy afternoon clouds.

Frumpkin, Older Daughter's cat, looking exceptionally cute.

So there you go, some random photos from the last few weeks. Hopefully I'll get all my writing deadlines done in the next couple of days and can un-fry my brain.


  1. So glad to see Frumpkin! I wonder from time to time how he's doing.

  2. Yes, how old is Frumpkin now?

    1. No idea. He was an adult stray, so we don't have a clue about his age.

      - Patrice

  3. When you harvest those beautiful potatoes, will you have time up there to plant and harvest another crop, or would you even want to? You can't hardly have too many potatoes since they go in and with so many foods!

    1. No, we're too far north to get in a second harvest. However we can let them grow until early- to mid-October, which means the harvested potatoes will probably be a pretty decent size. We have plans for an improvised root cellar for storage (which I'll blog about as we develop it).

      - Patrice