Thursday, June 1, 2023

On the edge of ripeness

The "nuclear strawberries" are blooming like mad.

I took this photo on May 16. (The garlic I planted last fall is also doing well.)

Ten days later, and the plants have filled out even more.

Lots of little green strawberries are forming.

We've had alternating warm days and thunderstorms with rain, a great combination to push things ahead. These berries are juuuust on the edge of ripening.

The plants are also sending out strong runners.

I filled some pots with potting soil...

... and put them under the runners so they'll root. I have plans to plant additional strawberry beds, and this is where I'll get my plants.

Strawberries are second only to peaches as my favorite fruit, so the more plants, the merrier.


  1. Thanks to your recommendation I ordered the same kind of strawberry plants. They shipped March 13 so I had to plant them in pots also. I just got them in the ground on Saturday but I already had runners and flowers and some berries on them before I planted them. Hopefully we get some this year but the plants look great and I know they will do just fine in this climate. I think we are in the same climate area.

  2. BZ near St. MariesJune 1, 2023 at 7:31 PM

    Hey Patrice, any chance you get hubby to put up a short post on the making of those beds? My redwood and cedar ones are rotting out after 7 years of life and I need to build new ones. Yours seem exactly what I need and would make a good winter job! It looks like he's using pressure-treated wood? Doesn't that leach chemicals into the soil (and into the crop)?

  3. Once again, what kind of strawberries are those? I looked them up way back at the old post and they're not for my zone, BUT. With all the weather extremes all over, ya'll getting our levels of heat and the south getting yall's kind of cold ( sub zero plus negative 15 wind chills), I want to quit going by all the old advice. It shouldn't hurt to experiment and those plants are beautiful.

    1. They're a variety called Fort Laramie. I purchased them from Gurney's.

      - Patrice