Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The stuff of (arachnophobic) nightmares

We have a wooden box near our deck door. This tends to be a catch-all for things like kindling, umbrellas, etc.

This morning I glanced at it and noticed some debris caught in a spider web across it.

Strange debris, isn't it?

Closer inspection revealed it to be – you guessed it – baby spiderlings. Hundreds of them, little golden things.

I'm not particularly arachnophobic, but the girls are. (Even though Younger Daughter is now in Europe, as soon as she sees these photos she'll be going "Ewwww!") I'm the official spider-scooper-upper-and-put-it-outside person in the family. Still, as much as I don't mind spiders, I don't want hundreds of them migrating indoors.

So I picked up a forked stick and swept it through the web.

It was a clean sweep. I genuinely think I managed to scoop up every last spider.

I dropped the stick with the spiderlings off the edge of the deck to the grass below. Be free, little spiders! Eat lots of bugs! And stay out of the house!


  1. What kind of spiders are they? I would think they know how to get insider.

  2. Those little guys will be very happy to live in your garden! Most likely Araneus sp., the garden orb-weaver. Useful and beneficial. I never had one of these come in my house, but they do like to place their egg cases around eaves and other protected spots. If you leave the spiders alone for a while, they will all re-group into a tight cluster. Any vibration to the web and they run in all directions. Not venomous or harmful. Thanks for the photo!