Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Grungy deer

The local deer population is in that awkward stage of shedding their gray winter fur and putting on their reddish summer coat. The result are some very grungy-looking deer.

Honestly, it looks like they're collectively suffering from some sort of skin (fur?) disorder.

I suspect it's an itchy process, since I see them grooming themselves often.

But this, too, shall pass, and within a month they'll be a sleek reddish color.

And if the girth of some of these ladies are any indication, we'll be awash in fawns as well.

Meanwhile, one enterprising doe managed to nibble the tip of a blueberry, the little thief.

Grungy indeed.


  1. Same here on Long Island, but I haven't seen the local bridge club (as I call them) who usually try to mooch the kibble I leave for feral cats. I assume they've been dropping their fawns.

  2. About the deer with her head through the panel. I woke up to a dead deer next to my gate a few years back. Unfortunately it was a favorite girl of mine who was very friendly and sweet. This was my fault as I hadn't secured the panels to anything. It was leaning at an angle on the fence to protect some lilies coming up underneath and when she got her head stuck, panicked and pulled back taking the panel with her. It was too heavy and since it happened late in the evening or pre dawn no one was awake to hear her struggle. The weight of it eventually choked her to death. It has been several years and this still bothers me greatly. So now I do make sure all my panels are tied to a post or some how strongly secured so at least if it would happen again hopefully the deer will be able to remove it's self safely.