Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Tweet tweet

I've hired a marketing consultant for my romance writing. His name is Don and I sleep with him every night.

Seriously, that's one aspect of writing that has eluded me, namely the marketing side. Frankly I don't have the time or interest, which of course is counterproductive if I want to sell books. Don's much more of a go-getter in that regard, so he's stepping up to help my fiction writing get greater exposure.

His first task was to set me up a Twitter account. It can be found here.

So I have two requests, dear readers. One, if you're so inclined, please follow me on Twitter. If you see a post you like, please re-tweet it.

And two, let Don know what other marketing tactics he should employ. This is kinda new to both of us, so we could use all the help anyone can offer.

Tweet tweet!


  1. Have you looked at Gab?

  2. You go my girl! Best of luck!

  3. Done - I just followed you!

  4. Done, I just followed you!

  5. I'm Sorry Patrice ! Your blog is my third read of the day, everyday! ( the weather is first) I will never knowingly engage in ANY social networking. Be Safe.

  6. my two cents - if you're jumping on to one social media platform, why not hit them all? FB? Instagram?Pinterest? I don't do twitter but am on other platforms. And, btw, your newest novel just arrived and I'm starting it today. Love your writing.
    SJ now in California

    1. I second that. Instagram is increasingly important. And you need a FB page and to interact with your fans now and then. I know social media is annoying, but it's a fact of life for a writer.

  7. Ok, I didn't want to offend by saying this, but somebody else did, so just know it isn't you. I don't do social media. I only tweet with real birds ( and cluck or burk brk. ) In fact, I don't even like texting but a lot of family only texts, go figure, so am forced to forego the sound of voices precious to me except on rare occasions. Youth.
    I find the luddite way charming, less rude, and quite comfortable in its simplicity.
    I hope your books refresh some fast paced lives.

  8. Just don't allow Don to use any Bud Light or Miller Lite marketing ploys...

  9. Followed! I'm on Twitter. I like that you're posting your canning articles as well. Possibly, tweeting each time you post on the blog + subject of post might be helpful as well. Sometimes, people search for various topics (blueberries, canning, etc) so that might get you more followers.

  10. I do not do social media.

  11. I thought it was pretty rare for Amish to regularly use social media? I could be wrong, but something to be sensitive to as it might send conflicting messages.

  12. I recommend Instagram. Depending on who you follow, it is much lighter and friendlier than other social media platforms. I think your photography would work well on that site. Depending on the age of your target readership, Facebook might work, though most FB users are over 35.

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