Tuesday, May 31, 2022

You never know what you'll see

One of the apple trees in the back driveway was in full bloom, with beautiful blossoms thick on the branches.

So one afternoon I took my camera and went out to document its beauty.

A neighbor keeps bees, and I saw some of the ladies busy among the blossoms.

At this stage, apple trees look almost artificial. How can anything natural be so gorgeous?

So while I'm standing under the branches photographing all this beauty...

...a movement caught my eye.

This young man saw me, then turned to walk into the woods...

...stopping to pose once in a while.

Then another youngster showed himself (sorry for the T-posts in the foreground).

Both youngsters had their antlers in velvet, and both had slightly different branching patterns.

I tried to get both gentlemen in the same photo, but this was the best I could do.

I've seen what I assume are the same young bucks together on a number of occasions. I assume they're twin brothers.

I tell ya, around here you never know what you'll see. It pays to keep a camera in one's pocket.


  1. Love your pictures. They are always a pleasure to look at. Thank you for including us in your life.

    Don's remembrance on Memorial Day, once again, brought me to tears. I thank him and your daughter for their servi e to our co

  2. I don't know 😕 what happened but I wanted to thank your husband and daughter for their service to our country. I hope the other part of my note reached you.
    If you have never read Helen Hoover's "The Gift of the Deer" I think you would like it. I would have loved to experience a winter with them. Have a great day.
    Ramona NC

  3. So you keep a camera in your back pocket. I was wondering just last night after almost stepping on a colored "stick" in my normal route to the mailbox/garbage can location at dusk. If it hadn't been so well decorated I probably Would have stepped on it.
    My first thought was that this pencil thin beauty with red black and yellow bands was a coral snake. A deadly little thing.
    But snakes Do attack if you attack them and I was unprepared and not in the mood for doing it right before bed in low light.
    So I went inside and googled. Turns out it was an Eastern King Snake, nonvenomous .
    My grandmother used to keep all grass and sticks out of anywhere she walked, both raking and sweeping debris up. Snakes are why.
    Snakes are one of the main things I would like to have photos of .
    A year ago there was one, solid black, which looked like a King Cobra in the flowerbed in front of the house. Her head was flattened out and she was irridesant in the sunshine. She was a Hog nosed snake I think . They come in all sorts of colors and markings.
    And the other day another unknown beauty was at the compost pile.
    These moments come and go so fast. You must have a camera on you at all times
    Animals are creatures of habit. The twins will likely return so keep an eye out. I used to have a doe with twins graze in my front yard. She had twins several years in a row and seemed to know my house was safe. It would be good to have pics.

  4. Nature produces the most beautiful scenery of all thank you for your pictures and your words. I check your site almost daily.

  5. Those flowers are beautiful! And, the deer are magical.

  6. Have you ever considered starting a bed and breakfast? Your idyllic surroundings would be a peaceful getaway for many.