Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The green of our valley

Our spring has been very wet, and the little valley we live in is very green.

Interesting, a dominant grass right now is timothy, an excellent livestock feed. And boy howdy, is it full of pollen at the moment!

Here, Mr. Darcy is walking through the grass (the orange blur). Poof! Can you see the cloud of pollen?

Clearly this isn't good for anyone's allergies, but it's great for livestock potential. It's nice to see untended pastures full of decent grasses rather than noxious weeds such as hawk weed or star thistle.

Surprisingly few neighbors around here have livestock. A few horses, a couple of cows, and that's about it.

It's nice to know that when the time come to get our own livestock, they'll have decent forage.

Allergies notwithstanding.


  1. Timothy is wonderful forage but do not try combining it to get the seeds. We did that one time when I was a boy and the trash itches like you would not believe!

  2. Well that is a thing of beauty right there. In southern California I pay $23 for a 3 string (100lb) bale of timothy for my horses. They love it and thrive on it. Congratulations on such an outstanding pasture.


  3. Check grass sites to see for sure if it is Timothy or Meadow Foxtail. At this time of year, my guess it is the foxtail. Not a terrible grass for forage but hard to cut hay before it drops seeds and looses protein. At least the seed heads are not as bad for getting into dogs ears and toes as cheat grass, another early grower.