Monday, May 2, 2022

Cornmeal sour cream biscuits

Backwoods Home Magazine has a new recipe book they're advertising for making different kinds of bread. I don't own the book, but every so often they'll include a recipe in their promotional emails.

One such recipe came across my inbox recently on cornmeal sour cream biscuits. Yum! I decided to give this one a try.

Of course, I doubled the recipe. I always double a biscuit recipe. Who doesn't love leftover biscuits?

Assembling ingredients:

Mixing the dry ingredients.

Cutting in the butter.

Mixing the milk and the sour cream...

...then adding it to the dry ingredients.

Before kneading:

After kneading:

Cutting. Take note, I should have  rolled them thicker.

Before baking:

After backing:

Despite the fact that I should have rolled the biscuits thicker before cutting, they turned out delicious.

A highly recommended recipe!


  1. Sounds good. Just a question - why are biscuits cut in rounds? I've always just cut them in squares and they turn out fine.

  2. Thank you for sharing! Curious, did they resemble more of a corn bread or more of a biscuit? They certainly look like a biscuit, but the addition of corn meal is quite novel to me. Either way I bet they would be divine with soft butter and honey.