Saturday, April 30, 2022

Human barns

A reader sent this amusing meme from a Backwoods Home email:

Groan. Been there done that.

But unquestionably livestock are curious about "human barns." As proof, here's a collection of my "human barn" photos over the years:

I'm glad I took these photos when I did, because we'll never have "human barn" shots again. The setup of our new place doesn't lend itself to them.

But it does make me miss having cows. Can't wait to get some!


  1. I worked as a Dude Wrangler up in Montana in the 90's. Shared a cabin with a few other of 'em snored so badly he was banished to the office building, (where tourists aka Dude's, bought tickets for horseback riding.) The horses loved his snoring, gathered around, and stuck their faces inside when they could. Hung out with the epic Cowboy Snoring Champ all night long, as if it were lovely music to enjoy. A win-win for Wranglers and Horses!

  2. You seem to be taking quite a while to put in gardens, geet the animals, etc. What is your strategy here?

  3. My neighbor had to put a gate up at the top of her deck steps. The horses would come right on up and into the house ! My chickens have done the same to me. You just can't leave a door open on a pretty day in the country. If your critters love you they want to be around you (and also hope for a treat!), and it's a compliment that they come looking for you.
    If I could I would build a huge barn with a greenhouse attached and house either upstairs or attached as well. Sort of like the barn in the old TV show Heartland.

  4. That's cute! Our county has 4 fulltime livestock deputies on staff. Guess it's a fulltime job × 4 to keep everyone where they belong. I had to give them a call last week as an unknown cow was happily munching away in some farmer's cornfield. Curious and hungry.

  5. The windows of the 1950s ranch-style house where we grew up were too high for the cattle and horses to look into. Not that they would have, they were on their way past the house to the county Road of Exploration.

  6. I finished feeding (equines, cats, and chickens) this morning when the fog lifted and I could see a nice hole in the fence containing the 3 bovines. After a little looking around, I could see they were still in the proper location. Since the opening went into another one of our pastures I went to work. Going to have to deal with that when I get home (and perhaps time repair of it around a Zoom meeting). Yes, the joys of livestock...!

    No open doors here - ever. The barn cats would invade!

  7. Our sweet cow Darling loved to go pick out her favorite bull for a husband for the day. She would jump the fence and go up the hill for the prime stock or jump the fence for the neighbors bull. One year she brought home four bulls. She was quite a gal. She also like to visit the neighbors and put her wet nose prints on their sliding glass doors for fun. I miss her. I have a picture of her with the pictures of my girls. She was family.