Sunday, March 13, 2022

The mysterious house on a hill

Not far away, there is a house on a hill.

It's conveniently situated to pick up some beautiful sunsets behind it. Like this one:

Or this:

Or again this:

But there's a mystery about this house.

I've photographed it many times, with many sunsets.

But never – not once – have we ever seen a light on in it. Sometimes it seems there's a light, but when darkness falls it's apparent the "light" was just the sunset shining through a window on the other side.

From what we can see, it seems like a large place, beautifully built.

Yet it doesn't appear to be occupied.

A couple evenings ago, we actually saw car headlights right next to the house, which was the most activity we've ever seen there. The rest of the time it just sits, backlit by some glorious sunsets, yet apparently empty.

Yep, a mystery.


  1. My theory…..since we did the same thing….the owners are living somewhere else waiting to retire to this house.

  2. I want you to find out what’s going on and tell us. I also think this is a good idea for your next novel. Imagine the characters you could create!

  3. You can access county records online to see who owns it. Go there and knock on the door.

  4. Psssst, Patrice......

    It's Don, they're watching him. They have you sized uo as a misinformation spewing, tin foil hat wearing, conspiracy theorist, and they're worried that you'll convert him, so they're keeping an eye on him.

    Or was it the other way around?

    Eh, whatever lol

  5. Beautiful pictures as always. Ten dollars to a doughnut you used the zoom feature on your camera, or will at some point, to aid in investigation!

  6. Dang nosy neighbors.. Ha Ha