Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Take that, Alexa!

This Husky epitomizes how I feel about Alexa and other sneaky listening devices:

Go Maya!

(Hat tip to SurvivalBlog for the link.)


  1. Patrice, we have (to date) kept one of these out of our house. If I get my way, it will never be in one. There are lots of things that seem to show up here, but a fairly obvious listening device that can be used for nefarious purposes is not one of them.

  2. I love that dog! We refuse to have those evil devices in our home too.

  3. You know, your smart phone is always listening and watching, too. Also your computer or laptop.

    1. Yes. Not only does your computer listen, it tracks what you type, knows what sites you've visited, what you search for, etc. As does your phone. And if you think a cell phone is the only phone that "listens", a regular land line is capable of the same thing.

  4. See, even this beautiful dog knows how evil this is. We need more of Maya's kind. Too bad humans don't get it. You go Maya. Good girl and I think you could teach some humans a few things. Unfortunately, there's not too many smart humans left. They like to have someone else think for them.